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This collection includes some of the best selling eco friendly products Australia has to offer. We understand it can be difficult to find sustainable alternatives to plastic. This range brings you a variety of environmentally friendly options made with natural ingredients which can be composted or recycled. This includes plant based products made from renewable resources like the bamboo plants, sisal, hemp and organic cotton.

This range includes all your favourite sustainable products :

  • plastic free dental floss,
  • reusable paper towel,
  • metal safety razors,
  • silicone baking mats,
  • tongue cleaners,
  • silicone lids,
  • bamboo eco friendly products,
  • konjac sponges,
  • natural dry body brush,
  • volcanic rock pumice stone,
  • stainless steel tea strainers and
  • reusable makeup remover pads.

If you are in the market for natural cleaning products you should also check out our eco friendly cleaning products. This range includes some of the best eco friendly cleaning products Australia has to offer. Koala Eco is and Australian brand which packaged their natural cleaning products in recycled and recyclable plastic bottles.

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