Cleaning Cloths & Unpaper Towels


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Eco Basics Bamboo ClothBamboo Cleaning Cloth - 3 pack
Bamboo Cleaning Cloth - 3 pack
Sale price$7.95
Bamboo Washing Up Pad
Bamboo Washing Up Pad - 2 pack
Sale price$7.95
Cotton Pot Scrubbing ClothCotton Pot Scrubbing Cloth
Cotton Pot Scrubbing Cloth
Sale price$6.95
Organic Cotton Unpaper Towels | Kitchen Towels - Roll of 16Organic Cotton Unpaper Towels | Kitchen Towels - Roll of 16
Organic Cotton Unpaper Towels | Kitchen Towels - Roll of 16
Sale priceFrom $51.95
RetroKitchen Biodegradable Sponge ClothBiodegradable Sponge Cleaning Cloth - Koala
Compostable Kitchen Sponge Cloth RabbitBiodegradable Sponge Cleaning Cloth - Rabbit
Reusable Washable Eco Kitchen Sponge Cloths 2 packCompostable Sponge Cleaning Cloths Scandi Leaves - 2 Pack
Biodegradable Sponge Cleaning Cloth - CaravansBiodegradable Sponge Cleaning Cloth - Caravans
Compostable Sponge Cleaning Cloth Palm SpringsCompostable Sponge Cleaning Cloths Palm Springs - 2 Pack
Reusable Bamboo Towels Machine Washable Kitchen TowelsReusable Bamboo Cleaning Towels - 20 sheets
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Organic Cotton Unpaper Towels - 10 PackOrganic Cotton Unpaper Towels - 10 Pack
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Organic Cotton Unpaper Towels - 10 Pack
Sale price$28.95
Compostable Kitchen Sponge Cloth PenguinBiodegradable Sponge Cleaning Cloth - Penguin
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Retro Kitchen Dish Cloth KangarooBiodegradable Sponge Cleaning Cloth - Donkey
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Compostable Sponge Cloth DogsBiodegradable Sponge Cleaning Cloth - Dogs
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Sponge Cleaning Cloth Compostable SheepBiodegradable Sponge Cleaning Cloth - Sheep
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Compostable Kitchen Sponge Cleaning Cloth SeagullsBiodegradable Sponge Cleaning Cloth - Seagulls
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RetroKitchen compostable sponge cloth duckBiodegradable Sponge Cleaning Cloth - Duck
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RetroKitchen Biodegradable Sponge ClothBiodegradable Sponge Cleaning Cloth - Bees
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RetroKitchen Biodegradable Sponge Kitchen  ClothBiodegradable Sponge Cleaning Cloth - Hens
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Reusable paper towels are an essential kitchen item for all those wanting to tackle the war on waste. Standard paper towels are not able to be recycled or composted due to the added chemicals and plastics. Unpaper towels are an eco friendly alternative to kitchen towels which can be washed and reused and finally composted. Reusable towels are becoming more popular and are now available in a range of colours and natural materials.

You can use your cardboard paper towel roll to roll up your unpaper towels or slide them onto your existing towel holder. If you choose to put your towels on an existing holder we recommend placing a rubber band or string around the towels to keep them in place. You can use cleaning cloths with your favorite natural cleaning products in place of a tea towel or microfiber cloths.

If you use a sponge dish cloth to clean surfaces in your kitchen we recommend switching to swedish dishcloths. These cloths are dishwasher safe and can be used to clean surfaces and dishes. They are made from plant cellulose which means you can compost them once worn out.

Bamboo washing up pads are another eco friendly kitchen staple. These cleaning pads are made from cellulose sponge which is wrapped in a bamboo fibre towel. These pads are great for scrubbing dishes and are able to be machine washed up to 300 times. Cotton scrubbing pads are another kitchen essential which is handy for scrubbing non stick cookware and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

What are unpaper towels made of?

Be Eco unpaper towels are made from strong organic cotton flannel and can be easily cleaned in the washing machine. Unlike regular paper towels these towels can double as napkins, baby wipes and streak free glass cleaning cloths. Most unpaper towels are made from cotton or bamboo fibre which is absorbent and durable. Unlike polyester or microfibre cloths these towels will not melt when used on warm or cooling surfaces.

What are Swedish dishcloths?

As indicated by the name these sponge dish cloths originally designed in Sweden. They are sponge cloths which are able to be washed, reused and home composted once worn out. They are absorbent cloths made with plant cellulose which is a natural plant fiber. These cloths are available in a range of fun designs and patterns which are made with natural water based inks.

How long to Swedish dishcloths last?

These dishcloths last several months and are able to be washed in the top rack of your dishwasher or a gentle machine wash.