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Strap Bamboo Sports Strapping Tape - NaturalStrap Bamboo Sports Strapping Tape - Natural
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Strap Bamboo Sports Strapping Tape - BlackStrap Bamboo Sports Strapping Tape - Black
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Strap Bamboo Sports Strapping Tape - Black
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About Strap

STRAP tape is a brand from the Australian company Nutricare. STRAP is the world's first sustainable body tape made from bamboo fibre. It's gentle on the skin and breaks down easily - so you can feel good about using it, and so can the environment.

It is designed to stay in place during any activity without leaving a sticky residue. It's perfect for athletes and weekend warriors. 

Strap Product Range

Have you ever had a headache or felt pain in your muscles after wearing plastic body tape for too long? If so, you're not alone. Many athletes and everyday people experience similar issues with conventional body tapes made from plastic.

STRAP is a natural biodegradable strapping tape made from organic bamboo fibre. This innovative eco-friendly sports strapping tape is the first of its kind. It is made from vegan and organic ingredients that naturally biodegrade. Use this flexible tape for injury management on your shoulder, knee, ankle or general body.

How is Strap giving back to the environment?

Body tapes are made of non-biodegradable materials, like plastic and latex. When they're disposed of, they sit in landfills and pollute our oceans and waterways. And because they're made from petroleum-based products, they release harmful toxins into the air when they're produced.

STRAP is helping people make an easy eco-switch from traditional tapes.