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Our eco-friendly range of food storage options provides you with stylish alternatives to single use plastics. You will be excited to prep and store your food with a bento lunch box, reusable cutlery set, beeswax wrap and silicone food covers. By preparing and storing your food correctly at home you will be more likely to eat healthy and reduce your plastic consumption.

Beeswax food wraps, silicone lids and food covers are a great alternative to plastic wrap. Beeswax wraps diy recipes are available on all good eco stores as many customers are keen to learn how to make beeswax wraps at home. All you need is a piece of fabric, beeswax pellets and a double boiler to melt to wax in. If you are wanting a vegan option you can also find wax wraps which use a plant based wax instead of beeswax wraps. Our beeswax wraps Australia made and owned by Honeybee wraps.

If you have been searching for a stainless steel lunch box, look no further than our range of Japanese bento boxes and kids bento boxes. Combine with no spill lunch containers and a travel cutlery set for the ultimate eco friendly lunch. Your eco bento lunch box kids will want to show off at school. If you have been looking for an alternative to the plastic sandwich bags, check out our reusable snack bags which are 100% cotton, machine washable and come in fun designs.

When looking for reusable food covers that keep food fresh, look no further than our food storage bags and bread bags. Silicone food pouches and silicone stretch lids are becoming a staple in Australian kitchens for good reason. A food grade silicone pouch can be put in the dishwasher, microwave or freezer without leaching any chemicals into your food they also help to reduce food waste. A reusable bread bag can reduce your plastic consumption, take your bag to the local bakery and keep your bread fresh at home.

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