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Stainless Steel Soap CageStainless Steel Soap Cage
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Stainless Steel Soap Cage
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Cotton Wash Bag + Soap Saver
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A soap saver bag is a zero-waste product that was designed to reduce the amount of soap that gets wasted in the shower. According to research, on average people use one-third of their bar of soap before they run out. That means about two pounds per year are being thrown away by every person who showers! 

A soap saver bag is a bag that you can use to store your soaps in. They are made from cotton, which means they can be reused and recycled. This helps reduce plastic waste because you don't have to use an individual bar of soap every time you take a shower or bath. It also helps prolong bar life by keeping air off the surface of the soap which lengthens its shelf life. You can wash it with cold water and hang dry after each use.

If you're looking for a way to reduce waste from your daily shower routine, consider purchasing a soap saver bag. Soap saver bags are small mesh pouches that can be filled with your bar of soap and hung in the shower. The water will slowly drip through the mesh, allowing the soap within to dissolve while you bathe. With this method, bars of soap can last twice as long as normal! If you'd rather not purchase a special product for your quest towards zero waste living, consider using an old sock or tea bag instead!