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About Lion and Lady

Lion and Lady are here to help you take care of your family with natural materials. This eco shop is 100% Australian-owned. They specialise in the production of products which are kind to our environment.

Their flagship products are the stainless-steel bottles for babies.

  • Lion & Lady baby bottles are safe, healthy, and toxin-free.
  • They are made from food-grade stainless steel, which means that they will not release any harmful chemicals into your baby's milk.
  • The bottle also comes with an anti-colic teat to help reduce air bubbles. This makes feeding a more comfortable experience for the baby.
  • The lid is made without BPA and BPS.
  • It has measurements to help you fill the bottle.

Product Range

Lion and Lady Toddler Sippy Cup

  • Lion and Lady Sippy Cups are the best cups for toddlers.
  • They are designed for babies to use from birth to three years old.
  • The soft spout is easy for babies to drink from, and an ergonomic design provides an easy grip.

Toddler Spout Adapter

Food grade silicone spouts will adapt to the baby bottle collar and support your little person as they get used to drinking from a cup.

How is Lion and Lady giving back to the environment?

The eco-friendly baby brand makes it easier for parents to choose a product that will last. The stainless steel cups are durable and perfect, especially if you have small kids!

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