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Shop our range of vegan friendly natural brushes and sponges made from plant based fibers which can be composted. An eco friendly dish brush made from bamboo is a must have in any sustainable kitchen. Choosing a plastic free kitchen brush made from biodegradable and highly durable dried coconut husk is better for you and the planet.

Opt for a bamboo dish brush with a disposable head for even more value. Ditch the handle all together and go for a natural loofah scrub pad or biodegradable scourer. Make the switch to an eco dish brush or natural vegetable brush today to reduce your impact on the planet. Each switch takes you one step closer to reaching your zero waste goals.

The popular EcoCoconut dish brush and coconut husk scourers are the perfect plant based brush for all your cleaning needs. Their brush handles are made with FSC (forest stewardship council) certified recycled rubber trees which are grown in a plantation. All EcoCoconut products are packaged in plastic free cardboard packaging including their non scratch scourers.

Our plant fibre scrubbing brushes and scrub pads make scrubbing pots, pans and surfaces easier. While our loofah sponges and loofah pads can be used on non stick surfaces in place of a chux non scratch scourer. Use with warm water and your favourite dish soap block for a sparkling clean every time.

Keep your wooden dish brushes clean by allowing them to dry fully between uses. It is not recommended to put wood in the dishwasher as it will absorb water causing it to expand and crack. To clean your dish brush use warm soapy water or a disinfectant solution to clean your brushes.

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