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Eco Basics Bamboo ClothBamboo Cleaning Cloth - 3 pack
Bamboo Cleaning Cloth - 3 pack
Sale price$7.95
Eco Basics vege Scrubbing Brush
Eco Basics Bamboo Vegetable Brush
Sale price$6.95
Bamboo Washing Up Pad
Bamboo Washing Up Pad - 2 pack
Sale price$7.95
Cotton Pot Scrubbing ClothCotton Pot Scrubbing Cloth
Cotton Pot Scrubbing Cloth
Sale price$6.95
Coconut Fibre Pot Cleaning BrushCoconut Fibre Pot Cleaning Brush
Coconut Fibre Pot Cleaning Brush
Sale price$9.95
Coconut Fibre Bottle Cleaning BrushCoconut Fibre Bottle Cleaning Brush
Coconut Fibre Bottle Cleaning Brush
Sale price$9.95
Organic Cotton Unpaper Towels | Kitchen Towels - Roll of 16Organic Cotton Unpaper Towels | Kitchen Towels - Roll of 16
Organic Cotton Unpaper Towels | Kitchen Towels - Roll of 16
Sale priceFrom $51.95
Dishwashing Soap Block - Lemon Myrtle 140gDishwashing Soap Block - Lemon Myrtle 140g
Dishwashing Soap Block - Lemon Myrtle 140g
Sale price$12.95
Dishwashing Soap Block - Pink Grapefruit 140gDishwashing Soap Block - Pink Grapefruit 140g
Natural Multi-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner - 500ml Spray BottleNatural Multi-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner - 500ml Spray Bottle
Coconut Husk Dish Brush Plastic FreeCoconut Husk Dish Brush
Coconut Husk Dish Brush
Sale price$9.95
RetroKitchen Biodegradable Sponge ClothBiodegradable Sponge Cleaning Cloth - Koala
Koala Eco Stainless Steel Cleaner Peppermint - 500mlKoala Eco Stainless Steel Cleaner Peppermint - 500ml
Biodegradable Sponge Cleaning Cloth - CaravansBiodegradable Sponge Cleaning Cloth - Caravans
Reusable Washable Eco Kitchen Sponge Cloths 2 packCompostable Sponge Cleaning Cloths Scandi Leaves - 2 Pack
Compostable Sponge Cleaning Cloth Palm SpringsCompostable Sponge Cleaning Cloths Palm Springs - 2 Pack
Compostable Kitchen Sponge Cloth RabbitBiodegradable Sponge Cleaning Cloth - Rabbit
Koala Eco Floor Cleaner Mandarin & Peppermint - 1LKoala Eco Floor Cleaner Mandarin & Peppermint - 1L
Koala Eco Glass Cleaner Peppermint - 500mlKoala Eco Glass Cleaner Peppermint - 500ml
Natural Hand Sanitiser - 500mlNatural Hand Sanitiser - 500ml
Natural Hand Sanitiser - 500ml
Sale price$21.95
Natural Multi-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner - 1L Refill BottleNatural Multi-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner - 1L Refill Bottle
Australian native soap company all natural soap flakesAll Natural Soap Flakes
ANSC All Natural Soap Flakes
Sale price$16.95
Flash Solid Laundry Bar Soap and Stain Remover Plastic FreeLaundry & Stain Remover Bar
Laundry & Stain Remover Bar
Sale price$17.95
Natural Bamboo Soap Dish - ChunkyNatural Bamboo Soap Dish - Chunky
Natural Bamboo Soap Dish - Chunky
Sale price$8.95

At BeEco we are constantly searching for the newest products for your eco-friendly kitchen. Our growing range includes compostable kitchen cloths, dish cleaning scrubbers, coconut husk brushes, scourers and bamboo veggie brushes. Take a step towards a more sustainable kitchen today.

If you're looking to make your kitchen more eco-friendly, then you've come to the right place. We know that living a sustainable lifestyle can be challenging at times. However, there are some things you can do to make your life easier and cleaner. 

One great way to live more sustainably is by using reusable bags for shopping instead of plastic ones. Not only does this keep the environment clean, but it also saves money in the long run because they're cheaper than buying new plastic bags every time one gets lost or dirty. You can also use products likes beeswax wraps, silicone stretch lids, bowl covers, bamboo cleaning cloth to reduce waste and plastic in your kitchen.

How to make the kitchen cleaner and greener?

The kitchen is often the most heavily used room in the house. It's where we prepare meals, store food, and clean up after ourselves. But this space can also create a lot of waste if not taken care of properly. To make your kitchen greener and cleaner try these simple steps: 

  1. Get rid of unnecessary plastic containers or dishes by replacing them with reusable ones (and avoid using any disposable products like take away cutlery).
  2. Use natural cleaning solutions to keep things spick-and-span without harsh chemicals that are bad for you and the environment
  3. Recycle as much as possible.
  4. Compost! The average household produces about 40% more garbage than they would otherwise if composting was used regularly.

Natural Cleaning Products For Kitchen

Natural cleaning products are a great way to help reduce the amount of toxic chemicals you use. If you're tired of using harsh chemicals in your kitchen, try some natural alternatives!

Multipurpose Natural Cleaner: For a quick clean-up, try Koala Eco Multipurpose Cleaner. It's made with natural ingredients like orange peel extract and grapefruit seed extract that are safe for both you and the environment!

Dish Washing Block: The block is made from organic materials and it's a cleaner that will help remove grease and grime without harsh chemicals or detergents.

Bamboo Kitchen Towels: Bamboo is a sustainable plant that absorbs water well and releases it slowly. You can use these eco-friendly wipes for just about anything in the kitchen including wiping down counters or scrubbing dishes.

Wooden Dish Brush: Your bamboo dish brush can be used for scrubbing pans and pots, while your wooden bowl scraper is perfect for scraping out the last bits of food from bowls or plates.

Biodegradable Dish Cloths: Reusable Dish Cloths soften when wet and harden when dry preventing bacteria build up without the harsh chemicals. They are super absorbent, machine washable, top rack dishwasher safe and 100% compostable. The fun designs will bring some colour and joy to washing up. With proper care these dish towels can last up to a year and when your done you can put them in your compost.