Best Bamboo Products for Eco Friendly Cleaning

Who doesn’t like a clean house? The “cha-ching!” sound when you have wiped the windows so clean that it now reflects your soul. If a clean house could provide us with even a little sense of comfort, we bet a clean planet could surely bring us inner harmony.

As we move towards a cleaner planet, we want to gush about sustainable bamboo cleaning products as alternative to the traditional plastic ones. But before we do that, its horror story time! Its called, “We don’t like plastic and we are going to make you hate it too in due time”.

Bamboo does all plastic does but better because its eco-friendly. Bamboo-made products, in comparison to their plastic counterparts use less energy to produce. This helps a lot in reducing the carbon emission. Unlike plastic which takes hundreds and thousands of years to finally degrade, simultaneously releasing toxins all this while, bamboo is low maintenance.

 Here is a list of some biodegradable bamboo cleaning products that every household should have-

  • Bamboo Toothbrush

Bamboo toothbrushes can come in variety of size and designs just like traditional ones. The handle is made from bamboo and breaks down completely when disposed. The bristles too are often made from natural material or uses the type of nylon that takes less time to degrade than the one used in plastic toothbrushes. Moreover, plastic toothbrushes have handles made from petroleum. Petroleum extraction again, takes a lot of energy and a risk of spillage in the oceans.


Bamboo is known to have antibacterial, antifungal properties. By using a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush, you can be assured that your toothbrush isn’t home to all the germs that make brushing your teeth almost useless.

These can last as long as the plastic ones if taken care of properly. Given the fact that bamboo is anti-germ in nature, the chances of mold growing on your sustainable bamboo toothbrush are low. Keep it in a clean and dry place and wash properly after brushing, just like you would do for plastic one.

  • Bamboo Bottle Cleaning Brush

Cleaning with a bamboo brush is great way to minimize use of not only plastic consumption that is visible but also of the invisible microplastic that breaks off from brushes while cleaning.

These biodegradable cleaning brushes are great not only to clean your bottles but also your glasses and reusable drinks cup and so on. The coconut husk for bristles ensures that no abrasive cleaning takes place and the bamboo handles ensures sustainability.

You can get these brushes in small, medium and long size, according to your need. Bamboo bottle brushes are also great to clean the fungus that grows in drink bottles as bamboo has anti-fungal properties.

  • Bamboo Pot Scrubbing Brush

Bamboo pot brush will make cleaning your pots and pans a breeze. You can also use it to scrub your potatoes and other root vegetables, with its easy hold bamboo handle and strong recycled nylon bristles which are safe to use on non-stick surfaces. 

Ranging from being abrasive to soft, bamboo pot scrubbing brushes have an easy grip and completely eco-friendly. The bristles efficiently clean all surfaces of your pans and pots and are safe to use on non-stick surfaces as fell. These bamboo scrubbers can also be used to clean your vegetables. Bamboo pot brushes are widely available in zero waste stores and eco friendly stores across Australia.

  • Straw Cleaning Brush

The coconut husk of plastic-free straw cleaning brushes can clean all your reusable straws with ease- be it bamboo, glass or stainless steel.

The design of these eco friendly coconut straw cleaning brushes also lets you get to the tough to reach spots of lids etc. You can use vinegar or mild dish soap with these bamboo coconut straw cleaning brushes as well to clean the surfaces to your satisfaction.

By using bamboo made reusable cleaning items, you can clean your kitchen and household to your hearts content. These are easy to use, lightweight and durable just like conventional cleaning products. Switching to these greener options means that you are automatically cleaning the planet as well, without even moving a muscle.

These sustainable alternatives are popularly used and can be bought from physical eco stores in Australia as well as online eco-friendly product stores.

Happy Cleaning!

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