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Our artisan rugs are meticulously crafted from sustainably harvested jute. Jute is a fast growing natural fibre making it the obvious choice for eco friendly homes. If you are finding it difficult to choose a rug for a small space, adding a small rug with a circular shape can help to complement any piece of furniture. Round jute rugs or sisal rugs are a stylish addition to any dining room and you can use a round rug in living rooms as well!

A well placed rug can change the focal point of a room. Whether you are looking for an eye catching area rug to match your dining chairs or a neutral large rug to contrast a dining table we have you covered. Round wool rugs are much loved for styling an entrance way or hallway. Round outdoor rugs can complement your outdoor furniture, they will also help to protect your floorboards and tiles from wear.

Where do round rugs look the best?

If you are new to rug styling we have some tips to help you decide if a round or rectangular rug is best for your space. The size and shape of a rug can have a big impact on the overall feel of your room. There are a few rule for a round or square rug which you can apply to ensure you rug shape suits your space:

It must be large enough that the major furniture pieces such as the front legs of your chair or table touch the rug.

If you have a round dining table or coffee table a circular rug can perfectly complement the shapes to create a harmony of design. Similarly if your home has rounded bay windows or curve architecture, adding a round eco rug can create a cohesive space.

If you have a small room with minimalistic furniture, a well thought out rug placement can make a small room look bigger and help to soften harsh edges. A round rug can change the focal point of the room and showcase a unique piece such as a chandelier or antique chair. This works best in a small room, where the rug creates an interesting contrast to the squared-up walls and tighter space.

How do you measure round rugs?

Round rugs are measured by the diameter, directly across the circle. To find the right rug size for your space, use a tape measure or piece string to measure across the space you want to cover, ensuring that the legs of your major furniture pieces will be touching the rug. If measuring a large space you can measure the radius, which is from the center of the space to the outside edge. Once you have the radius of the circle, you can double this number to get the diameter.

Can you place round rugs in living room?

Circular rugs can be placed in any room, you just have to be careful that the rug is the right size to complement the surrounding furniture in a balanced way. If you have a large living room, make sure you rug is big enough to touch your furniture along the perimeter of your rug.

If you already have a visual focal point such an an artwork or statement piece of furniture, connecting your rug to this piece through a shared colour can effortlessly make you rug sing. A colourful or patterned rug can also be used in a larger room to complement a small functional piece such as a coffee table or lounge chair.

Should you put round rugs under round tables?

A round rug will work beautifully under a circular coffee table or dining table. There is a simple harmony created by the curved shapes. If pairing your rug with dining furniture, make sure your rug is large enough to accommodate when the dining chairs are pulled out to eat. If your rug is too small, it will compete for attention with your furniture rather than complementing it. 

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