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About Honey Bee Wrap

The Australian-made and owned Honeybee wrap is an eco friendly alternative to plastic. These wraps help you preserve your food and reduce food waste. By making this switch, you are helping reduce the 8 million tons of trash that enter our oceans each year!

These beeswax food wraps can be used multiple times. They are made with organic cotton, natural Australian beeswax, coconut oil, tree resin and Australian jojoba oil.

Honeybee Wraps Product Range

Beeswax food wraps are a great way to reduce your plastic waste. They're made of beeswax, cotton and tree resin – so they're eco-friendly and non-toxic.

Use them to wrap up sandwiches, cheese, fruit or vegetables – anything you normally put in a plastic bag. You can even use them as a placemat when you're eating at home or on the go.

  • Vegan Food Wraps: Honeybee's vegan wraps are made with sustainable, organic cotton that has been infused to have natural antibacterial properties. The ingredients include a unique blend of Candelilla Wax and certified coconut oil.
  • Reusable Beeswax WrapsBeeswax Food Paper is great because it is flexible, adhesive, and breathable. It is also made in Australia with organic ingredients. Best of all, it is home compostable and helps extend the life of your food.

They also provide a fun DIY kit! 

How is Honey-bee Wrap giving back to the environment?

Honeybee Wraps is committed to making an environmentally friendly product. They go one step further by giving away their fabric waste, which is recycled. Their eco-friendly household products are made locally using Aussie raw materials only. They also support schools and community projects through fundraising initiatives.

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