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Our range of eco rugs bring you the best in indoor outdoor rugs made from environmentally friendly natural materials. Bring warmth to your home with a hand loomed wool rug or area rug made from recycled plastic bottles, perfect for your outdoor areas. All our eco-braided rugs are independently audited, child labour free and made from natural fibers such as jute.

The organic textures and natural palette of these rugs will add style and elegance to your home decor. Our natural rugs are handloomed from the highest quality sustainably harvested jute and cotton creating a weave that you will love. Hand-spun jute is braided, then woven to create a stylish rug for any home.

Our classic natural fibre rugs are a must-have for an eco-friendly household. Handwoven rugs create a soft neutral warmth that perfectly complements your home. Jute is strong fiber which is durable enough to suit high traffic areas.

  • Eco Friendly Outdoor Rugs

Eco friendly outdoor rugs can be made from a wide variety of materials like recycled materials. Natural threads are hypoallergenic and great if you have kids or pets. Eco braided rugs add comfort and absorb sound making your home more peaceful.

Jute is a naturally strong fibre that comes from plant leaves. Jute rugs are recommended for medium traffic rooms and areas protected from moisture. Jute absorbs water and if not dried completely trapped moisture could lead to mold.

Wool rugs are durable and can resist moisture and stains, allowing them to hold up well in high traffic areas. Wool rugs add comfort while effectively reducing sound when placed on hard surfaces like wooden floor boards or tiles.

  • Sisal Rugs

Sisal is a another natural fiber which comes from a cactus plant. Sisal is a course fibre making sisal rugs great for absorbing sound and durability. Sisal is anti-static and suitable for people with pets.

  • Hemp Rugs

Hemp rugs are naturally hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly making them a great choice for your sustainable household. Hemp goes through minimal processing before being spun into yarn and while not water resistant, hemp rugs will withstand some moisture. Hemp fiber is durable and softens over time making it perfect for house rugs.

  • Eco Braided Rugs

Our eco braided rugs come in a range of colours, sizes, and materials. Each rug has it's own unique character and our rug makers are independently audited to ensure the highest quality workmanship.

Are sisal rugs environmentally friendly?

As sisal is a natural fiber sisal rugs are completely biodegradable. This means that your braided sisal rug will naturally break down and won't become a part of landfill. Sisal rugs are naturally stain-resistant, so you won't have to use chemical stain remover to keep them clean.

What determines the quality of my natural rug?

The quality of an eco-braided rug depends on a number of factors such as the pile, craftsmanship and even the climate of the region where the natural fibers are sourced. The soil type, rainfall and temperature range can all play a crucial role in the quality of yarn. A high quality rug will be tightly handwoven and the pile should be thick enough to withstand high traffic areas.

Choosing the best eco-rug

Looking for a rug can be overwhelming as you want to ensure they are a statement pieces in the home. It is a good idea to identify your size requirements and the foot traffic so that you can rule out those which are not right for your space. Equally shape and colour may also be the driving factors in your rug choice.

No matter your needs, the natural tones and textures of Be Eco's rug collection will be sure to compliment your space. Our quality natural rugs are expertly woven from sustainably sourced jute and wool by artisan weavers and certified child labour free.

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