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Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs - 9 PackStainless Steel Clothes Pegs - 9 Pack
Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs - 9 Pack
Sale price$13.95
Dishwashing Soap Block - Lemon Myrtle 140gDishwashing Soap Block - Lemon Myrtle 140g
Dishwashing Soap Block - Lemon Myrtle 140g
Sale price$12.95
Dishwashing Soap Block - Pink Grapefruit 140gDishwashing Soap Block - Pink Grapefruit 140g
That Red House Organic Soapberries Laundry 250gOrganic Soapberries Natural Laundry Detergent - 250g
Flash Solid Laundry Bar Soap and Stain Remover Plastic FreeLaundry & Stain Remover Bar
Laundry & Stain Remover Bar
Sale price$17.95
Australian native soap company all natural soap flakesAll Natural Soap Flakes
ANSC All Natural Soap Flakes
Sale price$16.95
Natural Bamboo Soap Dish - OvalNatural Bamboo Soap Dish - Oval
Natural Bamboo Soap Dish - Oval
Sale price$8.95
Natural Bamboo Soap Dish - ChunkyNatural Bamboo Soap Dish - Chunky
Natural Bamboo Soap Dish - Chunky
Sale price$8.95
Natural Bamboo Round Soap DishNatural Bamboo Round Soap Dish
Natural Bamboo Round Soap Dish
Sale price$8.95
Natural Bamboo Soap Dish - RectangularNatural Bamboo Soap Dish - Rectangular
Natural Bamboo Soap Dish - Rectangular
Sale price$8.95
Urthly Organics Laundry Soap 100gUrthly Organics Laundry Soap 100g
Urthly Organics Laundry Soap 100g
Sale price$9.95
Stain-Removing Laundry Sticks - Lemon Myrtle 2 pack 60gStain-Removing Laundry Sticks - Lemon Myrtle 2 pack 60g
Sold out
Australian Native Soap Company Dish & Laundry Solid SoapDish & Laundry Soap Bar - 200g
Sold out
Dish & Laundry Soap Bar - 200g
Sale price$16.95
Dishwashing Soap Block - Lemon-Scented Gum & Eucalyptus 150g
Sold out
Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaning Paste - 500gNatural Multi-Purpose Cleaning Paste - 500g
Sold out
Urthly Organics Dish Soap - Lavender + Peppermint 100gUrthly Organics Dish Soap - Lavender + Peppermint 100g
Sold out
Urthly Organics Dish Soap - Eucalyptus + Lemongrass 100gUrthly Organics Dish Soap - Eucalyptus + Lemongrass 100g
Sold out
Stainless Steel Soap CageStainless Steel Soap Cage
Sold out
Stainless Steel Soap Cage
Sale price$33.95
Go Bamboo Clothes Pegs 20 packGo Bamboo Clothes Pegs
Sold out
Durable Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs Rust Resistant20 packStainless Steel Clothes Pegs - 20 Pack
Sold out
Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs - 20 Pack
Sale price$37.95
Niulife Organic Coconut Oil SoapNiulife Organic Coconut Oil Bar Soap - Coconut Milk
Sold out
Niulife Organic Coconut Oil Bar Soap - PeppermintNiulife Organic Coconut Oil Bar Soap - Peppermint
Sold out
Natural Wooden Bamboo Soap DishNatural Bamboo Soap Dish
Sold out
Natural Bamboo Soap Dish
Sale price$8.95
Cotton Wash Bag + Soap SaverCotton Wash Bag + Soap Saver
Sold out
Cotton Wash Bag + Soap Saver
Sale price$4.95

This collection is your answer to a plastic free laundry. We have a range of products including zero waste solid laundry bars, natural soap berries and sustainable bamboo pegs, long lasting stainless steel pegs and so much more. Shop this range now to start your journey towards a sustainable laundry room!

Say goodbye to flimsy plastic pegs with our range of stainless steel and bamboo clothes pegs. Whether you opt for a biodegradable wooden peg or a durable rust proof stainless steel peg, you won't be disappointed. Our range of natural dish and laundry soaps are New Zealand and Australian made from quality plant based ingredients, cruelty free, vegan and palm oil free. 

We have a range of laundry soap bars, stain remover sticks and natural detergents for your clothes. Using a natural soap bar or flakes for your clothes can greatly reduce the amount of plastic waste going to landfill and also the chemicals which enter waterways and linger on our clothes.

Natural Soaps are an eco-home essential. Free from toxins that lead to indoor air pollution and allergies, our range of plant-based cleaners biodegrade entirely. 

Soap flakes by ANSC are one of the best flakes available in Australia. These multi-purpose soaps can be used to wash clothes, dishes, and more. ANSC soap flakes are a fine example of businesses going zero-waste. These flakes are made from offcuts of natural soap blocks, so nothing goes to waste!

By switching to chemical-free grated soap, we can minimise the use of plastic bottles and prevent harsh chemicals from entering our homes. 

What are soap flakes?

Soap flakes are made from pure grated soap bars. These soap shavings are an eco-alternative to liquid soaps. Made from pure castile soap, these are kinder to us and the planet. 

  • Hypoallergenic: These grated dish soaps are suitable for people with skin allergies. Most commercial soaps are full of chemicals that can irritate the skin. These flakes do not contain perfumes, dyes, or any other allergens. 
  • Multipurpose: Flake soap made from pure plant-based ingredients has various uses. These bath soap flakes can be used to clean dishes, do laundry, wash hands, and even safely use on pets! 
  • Provides a gentler clean: Soap flakes do not contain any harsh chemicals that ruin delicate fabrics like silk, wool etc. You can save up money on fabric softeners and an array of other detergents!
  • Eco-friendly: No bleaches, dyes, GMOs, and other toxins are washed down the drain. These eco-flakes are 100% biodegradable. Moreover, as soap blocks and flakes are concentrated, transportation is easy. This translates into a lower carbon footprint. 
  • Uses fewer resources: Soap granules are a sustainable eco-product. Their production uses fewer resources. 

Can you make your own soap flakes?

Yes! All you need is a block of soap and a cheese grater. Many chemical-free soap bars can be turned into soap flakes for laundry, dishes, or washing hands. 

  • Grate the soap gently and store it in an airtight container. 
  • To use as a liquid, boil the flakes in filtered water until dissolved.
  • Allow the solution to cool and store in a reusable soap dispenser. 
  • You can also add essential oils for fragrance. 
  • This liquid soap is vegan; it should be used within two to three months. 

Are soap flakes good for laundry?

Shredded soap bars are an excellent all-purpose natural cleaner. These mild cleaners are better than detergents. Natural soaps thoroughly clean our clothes without leaving any residue. Most detergents are abrasive to natural fabrics like cotton or wool. This is because synthetic ingredients and microplastics attach themselves to the fibre. Washing flakes also eliminate the need for fabric softeners etc.