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Reusable safety razors

Our team have spent months searching for high-quality eco-friendly products, made by people whose values are aligned to ours. Let us introduce you to our newly added range of reusable safety razors. Reusable safety razors are a great, eco alternative when it comes to shaving. A safety razor is a shaving implement with a protective device positioned between the edge of the blade and the skin. Replacement double edge safety razor blades are considerably less expensive than the cartridge system alternatives, making them more economical for long term use.

Many shavers suffer from shaving irritation, ingrowing hairs and poor quality shaves from using electric razors or plastic cartridge razors. For these reasons many are turning to the safety razor as their preferred method of shaving. A good safety razor can last for years. Be sure to pick the right one for a lifetime of quality shaving experiences.

Our brass alloy razors are timeless looking metal safety razor with a simple screw head for simple blade replacement. The double-edge razor is simple to use and the ribbing on the handle provides extra grip.

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