Double Edge Safety Razor Blades - 5 Pack

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Are you sick of expensive plastic razor refills? Make the switch to a simple and sleek safety razor and these replacement blades are all you will need. The double edge blade means they last twice as long as a single edge blade. They are platinum coated and come packaged in a kraft box, for your safety each blade comes individually wrapped in paper. 


  • plastic free shaving close shave
  • platinum coated double edge safety razor blades
  • luxurious shaving without the landfill 
  • recyclable kraft card packaging 

How to use your safety razor: 

  • use with a shaving cream, shaving gel or a shave bar to help glide the blade
  • shave in short gentle strokes without applying pressure, the weight of the razor is enough to ensure a super close shave
  • if you are used to disposable or cartridge razors it may take some time to adjust, but we know you won't look back
  • between uses allow your razor to dry and store in a dry place, it is not recommended to leave it in the shower 
  • the blades are double sided so once you have done 6 - 7 shaves on one side you can flip the blade around and use the other side 

How to replace a blade in your safety razor:

  • twist the handle to the razor anti-clockwise until the razor head opens
  • carefully remove the blunt blade and store in a jar or container
  • unwrap a new blade and place into the razor head and twist the handle clockwise to secure

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nicole B
Quality Quality

It is a great quality razor and it also looks great!
Leg hair takes ages to come back.
environment win as well.

Bruce Merrick
All good!

The price was better than other outlets and they arrived promptly. What else could you want?

Anna W
Really close shave!!

Super happy with my purchase. Really great product and so cheap too so can order a lot at once. Really easy to switch out in the razor head. Definitely recommend.

Best razors I’ve tried

Such a close, smooth shave! Yay. I’ve tried quite a few different brands of razor and these are the best I’ve come across. Thanks.