Natural Soap – BeEco

This range of natural bar soap is kind to the planet and your skin. Made from all natural plant oils these soaps are free from plastic, vegan friendly and are packaged in earth loving biodegradable cardboard. By switching to a natural soap bar you will reduce the amount of plastic entering landfill and also save water used in the production of plastic and liquid soap. 

Natural soap bars are free from toxic chemicals, sulfates, parabens and synthetic dyes and fragrances. Made from plant based oils and such as olive oil, coconut oil and even avocado oil. We have a range of scented and unscented bars from a variety of Australian and New Zealand brands like Ethique, Australian Natural Soap Company, The Hazelnut Tree, Niulife and many more. 

You can also replace your dish soap and laundry soap with soap blocks that are kind to your skin and the planet, grey water safe with no nasty chemicals on your skin or down the drain. For those into DIY you can even make your own liquid soap by grating soap bars or using soap flakes.