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About Compostic

Finding it hard to give up the convenience of plastic wrap but wanting a more sustainable solution? Look no further than Compostic's range of compostable sandwich wrap and bags. It's made from biopolymers which will break down within 24 weeks in a home compost or 12 weeks in a commercial compost system!

Compostic Product Range

The convenience of Compostic's products is something you will appreciate. All the convenience of plastic wrap without the landfill.

  • Home Compostable Cling Wrap: Compostic's compostable cling film is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic wrap. The product works just like its namesake, but without ending up in landfill! 
  • Compostable Resealable Bags: Meet the eco-friendly alternative to pesky plastic zip lock bags. These clear snack bags work just like regular sandwich bags, but without the conventional plastic. Plus, they're certified non-toxic and home compostable! You can even freeze or microwave them without damaging the bag. 

How is Compostic giving back to the environment?

The wraps are environmentally friendly, but they're also independently tested to meet the highest quality standards. 

Compostic products help to reduce our reliance on single-use plastic by providing a compostable alternative 

  1. They break down within 12-24 weeks. 
  2. The cling film does not break down into microplastics. 
  3. The product leaves behind a soil enhancer that helps to the growth of new plants. 
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