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Tooshies by TOM Pure Baby Wipes 99% Pure Water - 70 packTooshies by TOM Pure Baby Wipes 99% Pure Water - 70 pack
Tooshies by TOM Pure Baby Wipes 99% Pure Water - 70 pack
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About Tooshies by Tom

Tooshies by TOM is an Australian company that provides eco-friendly and affordable nappies.

The company came into being after Aimme Marks, the founder, gave birth. She soon realised that reusable nappies are a hassle to clean for a new mother. Still, the disposable ones have a terrible impact on the planet.

To cater to modern families, there was a need for an eco-nappy offering. This type of nappy would be more earth-friendly and still offer the same level of protection and comfort that traditional nappies do.

And hence, Tooshies was born.

Product Range

The online store currently houses two baby products-

  1. Wipes: The hypoallergenic aloe vera and chamomile baby wet wipes are made with organic ingredients. They feature a uniquely textured cloth and are 100% biodegradable and compostable. These baby wipes are made for sensitive skin and will not cause any rashes. Aloe vera is the perfect ingredient that cures any skin conditions.
  2. Nappies: Bamboo nappies are quickly becoming a popular choice for new parents. Made from soft, organic bamboo, these nappies are gentle on delicate skin. They are free from harsh chemicals and fragrances. Organic nappies are more absorbent than traditional nappies. Your little one can sleep soundly through the night without waking up wet. As they're made from natural materials, bamboo nappies are compostable and will break down quickly in landfills.

How is Tooshies by Tom giving back to the environment?

Disposable nappies are a big problem for the environment. 2.5% of Australian landfill is from disposable nappies. For every disposable nappy, 85% of the environmental impact comes from its materials.

Tooshies by Tom is making reusable nappies and baby wipes that are better for both our children and the planet. They do this by using plant-derived and natural ingredients.

Tooshie wipes are 100% biodegradable. However, nappies are not yet compostable. They are constantly working on finding new technology to make compostable nappies.