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At BeEco, you will find the finest planet-friendly haircare range good for you.

bamboo hairbrush is a great tool for those who want to introduce natural, eco-friendly products to their beauty routine. Bamboo is a natural material that does not require any chemicals for growth and harvesting. The bristles of these brushes are gentle on your scalp and minimise damage to your scalp. At BeEco, Wooden brushes are available in a wide range of styles, so you can find one that suits you. Lightweight and compact, they're perfect for travelling.

Our range includes thermal stylersdetangling combs, round bamboo hairbrushes, mini bamboo hairbrushes, bamboo hair brushes for thin hair and more!

What type of comb should we use, plastic or wood?

A comb is a simple yet essential tool that we use every day. They come in many different forms and materials, such as wood, PVC, ABS or plastic. Plastic combs are mass-produced and often consist of sharp bristles that can irritate your scalp. If you have sensitive skin, it is best to avoid plastic brushes or combs for this reason alone!

Is a wooden comb good for hair? Absolutely! Eco-friendly hair brushes are made from biodegradable material. Many benefits come with using wooden combs on hair. Since they are made out of natural materials, these combs do not contain any chemicals to damage your hair. They also have anti-static properties, which help to reduce flyaway hairs in the winter months.

Wooden combs come in plastic-free packaging and will last for years. It is an excellent investment if you are looking for something long-lasting that will protect your hair!

Are bamboo brushes good for your hair?

Here are some bamboo hairbrush benefits-

Less Frizz: Plastic combs create static electricity as they glide down our tresses. This is responsible for tangled hair and fizziness. Wooden combs, on the other hand, have a neutral charge. They glide down smoothly along with the hair. 

Budget Friendly- Natural hairbrushes promote hair growth. The best part? You can save money on styling products such as hairsprays and gels for everyday use. As you experience fewer tangles, less product would be needed to tame your hair.

Antibacterial: Germs can grow on the tips of your plastic comb when it comes in contact with the natural oil of the scalp. This leads to itching and irritation. Eco-combs such as bamboo have antibacterial properties. Moreover, you will notice glossier hair as the natural oil evenly spreads along the lengths.

Why shouldn't wooden comb be used on wet hair?

Wet hair is delicate, so it is best not to comb your locks when they are still dripping with water. Never use a fine comb on damp hair as it leads to breakage. Either run your fingers through your hair to detangle or use a wide-tooth comb if necessary.

How to clean a bamboo hairbrush?

The best thing about bamboo combs is that they do not swell quickly. This is because the material resists moisture, which makes cleaning a breeze! 

1) Soak the comb in warm soapy water for two to three minutes.

2) Use an old toothbrush or a bamboo washcloth to clean between the comb's teeth gently.

3) Run the comb underwater to get rid of any greasy build-up.

4) Allow the comb to air dry completely before using.

Which comb is better for hair, wood combs or horn combs?

Both types of combs have advantages that make them best for certain circumstances.

  • A wooden comb is excellent for gentle hair brushing as it evenly spreads natural oils on the scalp. This conditions the hair as you brush through it. A horn comb is suitable for detangling knots in wet hair because its material can slide through tangles more easily.
  • Wood combs do not have any electrostatic charge. On the contrary, horn combs have a weak charge that can create a little frizz.
  • Detangling hair with bamboo ones may require a little work as they are lightweight. The weight of horn combs makes brushing hair easy.

If you are looking for vegan combs and brushes, bamboo wood combs are the way to go.

Not only are bamboo hairbrushes more sustainable than many other options on the market, but they also offer benefits for your hair and scalp. You can find different shaped brushes in many bamboo hairbrush body shops.

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