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Biodegradable alcohol free baby wipes - 70 packBiodegradable alcohol free baby wipes - 70 pack
Biodegradable Nappy Bag 100% compostable, 100% biodegradable Fragrance free Made from GMO-free corn starchBiodegradable Nappy & Doggy Bags - 50 pack
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Biodegradable Nappy & Doggy Bags - 50 pack
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Wotnot takes pride in being a company that listens and evolves with its customer's needs. They work tirelessly to provide the best products while never compromising sustainability measures. 

They began their journey in 2004 by creating the world's first eco-friendly MOLTEX nappy. 

Wotnot Naturals Products Range

Wotnot's product collection includes eco baby products (sunscreen for babies, natural wipes, nappies, to name a few), skincare products such as physical sunscreen, vegan makeup brushes and so on. 

Wotnot excels in its range of eco-baby products. These are non-greasy and deeply hydrating. They are also free from toxins.

  • Organic Baby Products: Babies should start wearing sunscreen when they are three months old. Sunscreen, face wipes, baby lotion, and nappies are designed to soothe a baby's soft skin.
  • Cosmos Approved Organic Tan: Wotnot's natural tanning mouse and water spray are 100% organic. Their products contain no harmful chemicals, so it is safe for pregnant women or people with sensitive skin types!
  • Natural Sunscreen: Looking for organic sunscreen in Australia? You'll love Wotnot’s natural sunscreen and BB cream products! These organic sun butters protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. They nourish and moisturize the skin. 

The Wotnot tubes are made in Australia from recycled polyethylene. The FDA approves this material for contact with food. The tubes are manufactured using green energy from solar farms. They can be recycled completely. They can also be disposed of in council recycling bins.

How is Wotnot Naturals giving back to the environment?

The Wotnot philosophy focuses on quality over quantity. They want to create products that are better than conventional products. They have dedicated themselves to providing consumers with high-quality, sustainable products. Here are some of the ways they are giving back to the planet-

  • Eco-friendly packaging made of recycled materials and recyclable
  • Assists in planting trees in deforested areas every year
  • Measures, reduces, and offsets greenhouse gas emissions