Natural Bamboo Dental Floss | Bamboo Toothbrush & Silk Floss - Maintain your dental health with the products like silk floss, natural dental floss, and bamboo dental floss available at the Australian trusted store, BeEco.

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The dental care industry is filled with disposable plastic products and confusing chemical ingredients. At BeEco we provide eco-friendly, affordable and sustainable options. Our natural dental care products are free from microbeads, toxic chemicals and wasteful plastic packaging. Our range includes natural biodegradable dental floss, zero waste toothpaste tables, bamboo toothbrushes, biodegradable dental picks, biodegradable corn starch toothbrushes and plastic free natural toothpaste. 

Our range includes biodegradable plant based dental floss made from all natural ingredients like silk and bamboo which come in a refillable glass dispensing jar. We wanted to provide our customers with a sustainable alternative to regular dental floss which is usually made from waxed nylon in a plastic packaging which is not recyclable or reusable.

Say no to plastic toothpaste tubes and make the switch to Crush and Brush toothpaste tablets a mess-free, convenient, portable and perfectly portioned tablet that you crush with your teeth and brush as normal. We also stock Nelson Natural's toothpaste made from all natural ingredients and packaged in a quality glass jar you will love! 

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