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Great for the environment and allergies

I’m allergic to adhesive and require hypoallergenic bandaids, these are fantastic and non reactive plus great for the environment.

Fabulous Floss!

Best eco friendly dental floss on the market. I have a glass container so no plastic waste, ever. Reasonably priced. Easy to order. Packed well. Prompt delivery. Very happy with this superior product.

Good product and service

The product is exactly as described and what I needed. The packaging was great and the delivery was very fast. I'm very satisfied.

Bamboo Charcoal Dental Floss

Straight away I knew I'd love this floss. You just know somehow. After Menopause the teeth move around and can hurt a lot so its important floss doesn't hurt - I was not disappointed, this floss is excellent, doesn't hurt, it catches food fast, grips well in the hands and has a great taste. I'm so happy this is my go-to now after years of supermarket floss that hurts to use, doesn't catch food well and causes bleeding gums - which can cause harm from the chemicals in the floss. Love it, I'll be back thank you!

Dry Body Brush

An excellent product..
It's strong, natural and the detachable handle is so excellent..
You can reach your back easily and the do the rest without.
A 5 star product and worth it to pay that little bit extra.

Prefer this floss any day over synthetic!

Prefer this floss any day over synthetic!

Prefer this floss any day over synthetic!

Prefer this floss any day over synthetic!

Great product, quick delivery.

Great product, quick delivery.

Better than disposable razors

Really enjoying this razor so far! Am getting less razor burn with this one. Simple to handle and put together, but it is heavier than a disposable razor so that took a bit of getting used to.

great floss, nice container

Floss seems great so far, the bamboo one is thick but not uncomfortable. Nice container too! Glad it's plastic free.


Just what I was looking for!

First time that I use dental floss and it works perfectly for me. The fiber is not weak at all so it doesn't break. My sister tried it and said it was good too, no strong taste, maybe a bit thicker to what she was used to. Thank you for this product :)

Have 3 of them!

It's very durable, the elegant little tin, easy to carry around too.
I like the silk floss. It is strong enough, and it is 100% compostable, no plastic anywhere , which was important to me.
I've been using this silk floss for over a year now!

Nourishing Manuka Honey Soap

I have found that this soap is by far the best I have ever used for my hands and highly recomend them, other soaps are so harsh and this is like a breath of fresh air and feels wonderful, I'm a 65 year old Male and Love it

Quality Patchouli

Love this oil. Made with quality patchouli oil. Can smell on myself


Love this floss. We have tried lots of different compostable floss and this one doesnt break and gets in between tight gaps!


This cleanser is a thick natural creme which I have used many times. I have dry skin so it suits me.

Dental floss refills

What a great idea to use the container again and will with the dental floss refills.Thanks a lot.

Dental floss

The reusable metal container is very easy to use, and travel with.

Dental floss

Easy to use in the dispenser. Great floss.

Non drying

A lovely effective facial cleanser, my skin did not feel dry, works great with a face brush for added exfoliation.

Stylish container

Love this cute stainless container and the floss is great too.