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Our highly recommended eco friendly reusable facial cleansing pads are washable, reusable and durable. These double sided pads are both economical and environmentally friendly.
A must have for sustainable beauty routine, these washable makeup pads come in a cotton laundry bag for easy machine washing and storage. These facial cleansing pads are great for removing makeup gently and applying your favorite cleanser or toner.
The makeup remover pads helps you take care of your skin without messing up the planet. Made for all skin types, these pads are gentle on sensitive skin. Reduce waste by using these washable pads instead of disposable cotton rounds.

How do you use reusable makeup remover pads?  

You can add the makeup remover mix to the pad and simply wipe the makeup off your skin. Make pads made from bamboo or cotton will absorb the chosen makeup remover for continuous use so you don’t have to add it again and again. Makeup remover pads are available in three materials bamboo, cotton, and hemp. All offer similar absorbent qualities and long-term usage.

After the use you can simply put all the use makeup remover pads in the cotton mesh bang and throw them in the washing for a good clean. You can also handwash these make up remover pads.

Can I use these makeup pads to remove nail paint?

Yes, you can use these makeup pads to remove your nail paints. Just like any nail paint remover pad add the nail paint remover to the makeup pad, and gently wipe it on your nails.

Can I use the cotton wash bag as a soap saver bag?

Yes, you can also use the cotton mesh bag to store piece of the used soap so you can later on collectively use them to avoid any unnecessary wastage.

While disposable products may be a more convenient option when it comes to removing our makeup, for the sake of the environment and our skin