Reusable Silicone Food Covers 6 pack
Reusable Silicone Food Covers 6 pack

Silicone Stretch Food Covers 6 pack

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Perfect to use in place of single-use plastic wrap to seal dishes, bowls, cans, cups or fruit and vegetables. These handy stretch lids can also keep food fresher for longer with an air-tight seal.


  • Made from  premium FDA-approved food grade silicone
  • Clear silicone helps easily identify contents inside
  • Each piece is embossed with our signature logo pattern
  • 6 versatile sizes (6.5cm, 9.5cm, 11.5cm, 14.5cm, 16.5cm, 21cm)
  • While circular in shape, these flexible lids fit containers of all different shapes
  • Ideal to seal and store cut fruits and vegetables such as tomato, lemon, onion, capsicum, pineapple, melons, sweet potato and more
  • Suitable for the fridge, freezer and microwave
  • Dishwasher safe in top rack


  • Choose the appropriate sized lid for your container (ideally you want it on the smaller side, for a nice snug fit)
  • Ensure that silicone lid and container are clean and dry
  • Place lid over the edge of container closest to you
  • Stretch remainder of lid away from you and pull down on side tabs to create a snug fit
  • Press down lightly on centre of lid to create a vacuum seal (pull down on tab to let air escape if needed)

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jack Lewis
Sizes are a bit small

This product is good but just check that the sizes are good for you. The sizes are listed so it's unfair to knock the review down too much, but I think an extra large one would be good for that big mixing bowl you want to proof dough in.

Super stretchy and sticky

These covers are great! They are thin so super stetchy and they stick really well to many vessels. Have only had them a month so cant speak to longevity yet.

No more gladwrap!

So happy I bought these! I’ll be buying more shortly as they’re a great fit. Only thing I’ve noticed is that when you take them off after being in the fridge I just need to dry any condensation on the bowl to pop it back on otherwise it’s slips - tip for anyone who finds it hard to get them back on

Melinda Gashi
Reduce plastic wrap

Great sealers smart simple product to replace cling wrap! Also look great and sit snug on bottles and plates - cling wrap can get messy and move around. Love them

So happy, no more plastic wrap!

They’re easy to clean and have a very good seal, no spills and they keep my food fresher for longer.