Organic Cotton Unpaper Towels - 10 Pack

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These durable and absorbent kitchen towels are designed to reduce the amount of waste entering landfill. Made from soft organic cotton, these square unpaper towels are an ideal alternative to disposable paper towels and napkins. 

These all purpose wipes are perfect to use for generally cleaning around the house including spills, surfaces, sinks, devices and can be used as a face or baby cloth. Free from microfibres and plastic these cloths are biodegradable and made from GOTS certified organic cotton. They are a plant based way to cut through grease and grime. Simply throw them in the washing machine and use again and again. 


  • Set of 10 towels 
  • Large 25 x 25 cm
  • GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Flannelette
  • Double ply for extra strength
  • Use as a wash cloth, facial cloth, napkin and more
  • Great alternative to the conventional disposal paper towels
  • Cotton flannels become more absorbent after the first few washes

To Care:

  • Warm machine wash with like colours
  • Line dry or low tumble dry
  • Wash before use, some shrinkage may occur as these are not prewashed

Customer Reviews

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Obsessed! So much better than paper towel options!

I recently went for a switch in my kitchen, wanting to move away from single-use items to more environmentally conscious decisions. And these have been AMAZING! Of all my switches, this has definitely been the best. They are WAY better than paper towel in the sense I can easily do all my bench tops with one and they don’t fall apart in my hand. Not to mention how many uses I get out of them after using the rinse, dry, repeat method. Plus, after 2-3 days of this method I put them in a pile and grab a new one. When I have enough I wash them all on 40* making me feel just as hygienic to reuse as I would if they were paper towel (using them to disinfect my benches for hygiene reasons was my biggest concern and I genuinely feel they are an improvement, not just the same as paper towel, and certainly not worse as I’d feared). I stockpile my clean ones and just pull out a new one after a couple days or after a particularly grubby wipe down.

I’ll never go back.

These are the best dish cloths!

So happy with these cloths, they’re very durable and machine washable. Brilliant for washing dishes and wiping down bench tops.