Buy Grocery Bags | Produce Bags & Mesh Bags - Are you looking for grocery shopping bags? Then visit BeEco and start shopping for the amazing produce bags and mesh bags at pocket-friendly prices effectively.

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BeEco brings to you a range eco-friendly reusable bags including produce, storage and tote bags. These bags are a perfect alternative to single-use plastic, whether it is bagging your favourite fruit in your local grocery store or scooping your favourite bulk goods. Our range includes organic cotton produce bags, recycled PET mesh bags, fabric food pockets, silicone air lock bags and so much more!

Cotton muslin bags are perfect for flour, grains, seeds, nuts and dried snacks. Recycled mesh produce bags are made from recycled plastic bottles diverting plastic from landfill. These bags are lightweight, durable and are ideal for larger fruit and vegetables, grains and nuts and can also be used to drain yoghurt, make your own nut milk and to wash small grains like quinoa that are too small to sieve. 

For those who love to shop in a bulk food store, bulk food bags are a game changer. They have a clear window so you can easily identify what is in each bag. They come in 3 handy sizes and you can use a whiteboard marker to write the product code for easy check out. These bags are also made from recycled post consumer plastic bottles, saving unnecessary landfill. 

Keep your bakery bread fresh for longer with our range of bread bags. Take your bag to your favourite baker and put your loaf straight into your bread bag. Reduce the need for plastic bread bags which make your bread sweat and are very difficult to recycle. Using a bread bag can extend the life of your bread meaning less food waste and a cost saving for your family. 

At BeEco you can find some of the finest reusable produce bags in Australia. Our beautiful range of grocery bags are made of natural materials like unbleached organic cotton, recycled PET bottles, organic muslin and so on. Plastic carry bags are difficult to recycle. They end up in landfills and release toxins in our soil and waterways. By choosing eco shopping bags, we can significantly reduce the impact of single-use plastic in our marine life as well.

  • Our produce bags are GOTS certified which means that they were made in socially responsible environment. The certification identifies that the manufacturing process of your cotton bag was ethical and did not cost the planet.
  • The string bags are convenient as they come in both short and long handles. You can choose any you are comfortable with.
  • Additionally, the bags expand and stretch as you fill them up. This provides you with flexible holding capacity!
  • The aesthetic tone of our net carry bags makes them a perfect addition to zerowaste kitchens and more.

Some of the brands featured at BeEco include Earth Tribes, EverEco, and Beysis among others. They bring you some of the most popular choices in Australian homes to date.

Our open netted bags are made from recycled PET. Using plastic that is already in our natural environment gives us the opportunity to reduce pollution on land and ocean alike.

The fine mesh will allow your fruits and veggies to breathe, making them last longer. To top that, this also make these bags great to store smaller goods like dry fruits etc. Committed to reduce plastic consumption, we offer completely plastic free packaging. Our orders are shipped in biodegradable and recyclable boxes.

The range of lightweight bags by Ever Eco feature totes and produce bags made from organic cotton and muslin. Great to carry on the go, these come with handy drawstrings and straps. Ever Eco has been an eco-veteran in Australia since 2013 and widely known for their quality home products. With the vision of making products that last, the shopping bags are sturdy and durable.

Eliminating the use of disposable bags, the string bags by Earths Tribe come in visually pleasing shades of teal, coffee, beige etc. With the purchase of Earths Tribe’s  mesh produce bags, you can give back to the community through “I=Change”. The partnership between Earths Tribe and I=Change allows them to give $1 with every single order to a development project of your choice.

Our eco mesh bags are perfect for bagging bulk goods, fresh farm produce or simply for storing your favourite snack. Free from any toxins, these bags are versatile and can work as snack bags while traveling.


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