What are the best reusable chopsticks?

What are the best reusable chopsticks?

A guide to choosing the best material for reusable chopsticks

Reusable chopstick sets are a great alternative to disposable cutlery. They're made of durable materials that can reused so, you can reduce your waste and help the environment.

Not only are reusable chopsticks environmentally friendly, but they're also economical! So why not ditch disposable utensils and switch to a reusable set today?

What are the different types of chopsticks?

There are different types of chopsticks made from different materials. They come in a few different styles depending on their purpose.


There are three types of chopsticks: Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

  • Reusable Korean Chopsticks
  • There are two types of chopsticks used in Korea- flat chopsticks and rounded chopsticks. The tips of Korean chopsticks are tapered and are usually made out of metal. A spoon often accompanies a set of Korean chopsticks. 

  • Reusable Japanese Chopsticks
  • Japanese chopsticks are shorter than Chinese or Korean chopsticks because there is less of a tradition of sharing food. This means that people do not need to reach as far for a shared dish. They are typically about 8 inches long and made from wood.

  • Reusable Chinese Chopsticks
  • Chinese chopsticks are different from Japanese and Korean chopsticks because they have blunt ends. This makes them suitable for holding food. They are usually longer than the former. 


    What material is best for reusable chopsticks? Many materials can be used to make chopsticks. Some of them include wood, metal, plastic, and fibreglass chopsticks. Every material has different advantages and disadvantages.

    Reusable Wooden Chopsticks

    We've all seen them before. Those pesky plastic chopsticks that come with take-out food. They're flimsy, hard to use, and worst of all – they're not good for the environment. 

    Wooden chopsticks made from bamboo are some of the most affordable options. They are available in Chinese, Korean and Japanese styles. 

    Here are the advantages of using bamboo chopsticks-

    • They have a textured surface that provides a grip for holding food.
    • Wooden chopsticks withstand high temperatures without altering the taste.
    • They are less expensive than stainless steel chopsticks.
    • As they are lightweight, they are travel friendly!

    The disadvantages of wood chopsticks are as follows-

    • Chopsticks that are made of low quality bamboo warp and deteriorate over time. However, it is possible to repurpose chopsticks.
    Reusable Metal Chopsticks

    Stainless steel reusable chopsticks are the most durable chopsticks. Some of the pros include-

    • Durable and long-lasting
    • Easy to clean, and most metal chopsticks sets are dishwasher-safe. 
    • You can use them to grill meat without worrying about a fire.

    The cons of using metal cooking chopsticks are-

    • They are more slippery than other materials such as wood.
    • They conduct heat and cannot be used for cooking.

    How long can you use reusable chopsticks?

    Reusable chopsticks and spoons are a good investment. They will not end up in landfill like disposable chopsticks. They are made of high-quality materials that can last for a long time. 

    Food grade metal chopsticks will last you a lifetime. At the same time, a quality set of reusable wooden sticks can last for six months to 2 years if cared for correctly. 

    Are bamboo chopsticks reusable? 

    Bamboo chopsticks are a popular choice for reusable utensils, they are cheap and lightweight. Many people wonder if they can be used more than once. The answer is yes - they can be reused multiple times if they're properly cleaned and dried between uses.  

    How to clean reusable bamboo chopsticks?

    Lemon + Baking Soda

    1. If you get oil on your chopsticks, you can clean them by mixing baking soda and lime juice in water. 
    2. Use a cotton ball to rub the mixture all over the chopsticks. 
    3. Rub in the direction of the grain. 
    4. You can also add rock salt to the mixture to help remove the stain and keep the original colour.

    Vinegar + water

    1. Get rid of odours by cleaning them with vinegar. 
    2. Mix equal parts of vinegar and water, and rub the chopsticks along the grain. 
    3. Rinse with water and allow them to dry. 

    Are reusable chopsticks dishwasher safe?

    Chop sticks that are made with food-grade stainless steel can be put in the dishwasher. However, reusable wooden chopsticks should not be put in the dishwasher. It is always best to read the manufacturer's instructions.

    Best Reusable Chopstick Sets in Australia Reviewed 

    The average person uses about 12,000 pieces of disposable cutlery in their lifetime. That's a lot of waste!

    A reusable food utensil set is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional disposables. With reusable cutlery sets, you don't have to get new utensils each time. You can simply wash them off after use. This saves both time and money.

    Check out our list of the best reusable chopsticks in Australia. We've compared the top brands so you can make an informed decision about which set is right for you.

    Meico Sustainable Stainless Chopsticks ($28.00)

    Sustainable Stainless Steel Chopsticks (Box of 5 pairs)

    Do you love using chopsticks when you eat out but feel guilty about all the waste? Meico's washable, reusable chopsticks are perfect for you! 

    They're made of stainless steel so they won't harbour any harmful bacteria. Priced at $28, you can get 5 pairs. One pack will be enough for your family's needs!

    Easy to clean: The eco-friendly chopstick sets can be washed in the dishwasher. However, handwashing them with hot water and mild detergent is preferred to maintain their shine.

    • Available in different colours: Meico offers chopsticks in different colours, like silver, gold, rose gold, black, and rainbow orange.
    • Durable PVD finish: These cute reusable chopsticks are made of food-safe stainless steel. They have a durable coating that protects them from daily wear and tear so that they will stay shiny for a long time.
    • Enjoy traditional Korean and Chinese shared meals: These 23cm long chopsticks make it easy to grab whatever you want from the hot pot. They're perfect for enjoying a shared meal with friends or family!
    • Beginner-friendly: The chop-sticks are designed to make it easier for those just learning how to use them. They have a tapered square shape. This makes handling food with the sticks much easier!

    Avanti’s Traditional Black Reusable Chopsticks ($29.00)

    8 Pairs Avanti 24cm Reusable Gold Traditional Chopsticks/Cutlery for Noodles

    Chopsticks are an integral part of many Asian cuisines. The alloy chopsticks by Avanti will make your Asian cuisine experience more enjoyable. They also come with a gorgeous design! Each chopsticks bundle comes with 8 pairs!

    • Perfect for everyday use: These reusable Chinese chopsticks are made of alloy. They are corrosion resistant and food-safe.
    • Easy maintenance: Keeping these chopsticks clean is a hassle-free task thanks to their odourless and stain-resistant nature. Simply toss them into your dishwasher for quick up keep!
    • Travel-friendly: They are lightweight compared to other metal sticks. 
    • Suitable for cooking: These cooking chopsticks are heat resistant up to 220- degrees celsius. 
    • Warranty: These cooking utensils are backed by a 12 months warranty. 
    • Easy to hold: The non-slip grip makes it easy to hold them. 

    Exzact Japanese Style Reusable Chopsticks and Rest ($26.12)

    This Japanese style reusable chopsticks gift set is a perfect eco-gift for any occasion! You can use them as promotional gifts, gifts for clients etc. 

    • All in one gift set: If you're looking to give the perfect gift, Exzact is here for your needs. This set comes with four pairs of bamboo chopsticks and four wooden rest pieces.
    • Food-safe polish: Chopsticks that have been varnished with eco-friendly lacquer remain in great condition for a long time. You can eat your meals without worrying about the bamboo losing its shine over time!
    • Not dishwasher-friendly: Only handwash these eco sets with a soft cloth or sponge. 
    • Comes with chopsticks rest: You don't have to worry about your chopsticks rolling over anymore! 
    • Affordable: These bamboo chopsticks gift sets are some of the most affordable eco-gifts. 

    Omia 5 Pair Reusable Stainless Steel Chopsticks($39.30)

    Omia Reusable Travel Chopsticks are made from premium 304 Stainless Steel. They are great for people who want to eat noodles, rice, sushi, bento box, or other Asian foods authentically. These chopsticks can be used for parties, hotels, restaurants, or at home. They would also make an excellent gift for any occasion.

    • Easy Grip: The grooved bottom of the chopsticks provides an easy grip. They are easy to hold and grab food. 
    • BPA-Free: The 304-grade stainless steel is free from BPA and other toxins. 
    • Hassle-free cleaning: Toss them into your dishwasher for a cha-ching clean! 
    • Easy return/refund: Omia provides hassle-free refunds if the product is faulty. 
    • Heat Resistant: You can use them for cooking food.

    Japanese Cat Print Chopsticks ($49.00)

    Looking for a cute chopstick pair? These Neko - printed chopsticks are sure to please! 

    • Reusable Portable Chopsticks: The lightweight bamboo makes them ideal as travel cutlery! 
    • Aesthetic: Empire Chopsticks has an array of visually pleasing chopstick prints. Looking for something simple or a traditional Japanese print? They have you covered! 
    • Ideal for kids: Using chopsticks can help develop motor skills and eye coordination. These custom printed chopsticks makes this exercise fun! 
    • More expensive: At $49, this 5 set bamboo chopstick pack is a little costlier than others. 

    Reusable chopsticks are a great way to reduce your waste footprint. Not only are they more sustainable, but they also tend to be sturdier and longer-lasting than disposable utensils. Plus, they come in various fun and stylish designs, so you can choose the set that best suits your personality.

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