How do you clean a reusable straw?

How do you clean a reusable straw?

We’ve also seen how bad plastic can be for our environment. We’ve seen the costs it can bring to the economy. Yet many of these negative effects can be avoided if we decided to use stainless steel straws. They’re more eco-friendly, more durable, and have a better aesthetic value.

The straw debate is quite the hot topic right now. Several major restaurant chains have vowed to pull plastic straws from their stores, and politicians and activists alike are asking for change in regards to plastic waste.

Cleaning straws is not particularly hard, but people sure do love to complicate it. In my research, I came across tips about using all sorts of stuff like dental floss, denture cleaner, an espresso machine, and more — all clever, and yet, so unnecessary. All you truly need is one good brush.

3 Steps to clean your straws

Stuff you will need to clean your metal straws.
  • Hot water
  • Dish soap
  • A pipe cleaner or straw brush


Step 1 : Boiling Them In Water

A good long boiling is one of the best ways we’ve found to clean stainless steel, glass, and silicon straws. It also sterilises them too, which is a nice bonus. First pour hot water or warm water inside the straw or you can put the hot water in the pot and than put the stainless steel straw in it, this will get rid of any residue from your previous drink.

Step 2 : Scrub the straw

Add dish soap to your straw brush, then push it into your straw and scrub it vigorously with cleaning brush. Repeat from both ends of the straw. Don’t forget to clean the openings and the outside of the straw.

Step 3 : Rinse

When you’re done rinsing the straw, run the straw under hot water for another minute to flush out any remaining soap or baking soda. You’re done!

With Dishwasher

Dishwashers are fantastic for cleaning reusable straws, so If you have a dishwasher, this is a great option. It tends to work best if you can put the straw upright in a utensil rack where water can spray up into it. This method works best on reusable stainless steel straws. Not recommended for bamboo straws since they’re too fragile.

The best way to keep your reusable straw clean is to rinse it after every use, this way there will be no residue from the drink in your straw, which is mostly what makes reusable straws smell!

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