How to clean coffee mug lid

How to clean coffee mug lid

Insulated and reusable mugs are a necessity for hot beverage loving commuters, campers, hikers and tea enthusiasts. Stainless steel coffee mugs are shatter proof and practically unbreakable but when it comes to cleaning the lid it's not that easy. Coffee and tea mugs are often used several times a day but we don't always have time to clean them thoroughly after every use, this can cause residue to build up inside the lid. If not regularly cleaned, this residue can lead to a smell or taste tarnishing your cup. 

Coffee mug lids are often made of polypropylene, a food-safe plastic that has a high tolerance for heat. Reusable glass mug lids or keep cups lids are often made from food grade silicone, which is dishwasher safe and doesn't require as much work to clean.

Many travel mug product care guidelines recommend top-rack dish washing as the safest and best way to clean their lids.

Steps to clean your travel mug lid

If your mug isn't dishwasher safe or prefer to clean it by hand, the following is the easiest way to properly clean your mug lid/cap.

Step 1: if your coffee mug or cup has a coffee residue smell or some dried gunk, it's important that you soak it.

Fill the sink or a deep bowl with hot water and some dish soap, dissemble the lid and submerge the parts of the coffee cup lid into the water and soak for 10-15 minutes. This should loosen the dried gunk or the coffee residue and also help to get rid of the bad smell.

Step 2: Use a biodegradable dish cloth or natural sponge with dish soap to clean any of the loosened residue off the lid parts, if there is some stubborn grime you may have to soak for longer or use a bottle brush or straw cleaning brush to get into those hard to reach places. 

Step 3: Rise your mug and lid of all soap and leave to dry completely before reuse. 

Step 4: Only use if the steps above are not effective.

Sometimes if you have a lid with several parts or you have not regularly cleaned it, you will need to use lemon or vinegar. Mix a 1/4 cup of white vinegar or lemon juice with 1 cup of warm water and fill your lid with and mug and let it soak. Let the solution sit for about 15 minutes, then rinse it out.

While it can be hard to remember to wash your reusable coffee cup, you could actually be doing damage to your health if you don’t wash it frequently. Keep your reusable coffee mug clean by washing it with warm soapy water after every use, this will help prevent any lingering residue impacting the taste or smell of your beverages.

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