The best ideas for an Eco-friendly Kitchen

At BeEco we offer a range of high quality products at affordable prices which make the transition to being more eco-friendly easy. We have a wide range of reusable drinkware (including insulated and leak proof products), food storage, straws, natural dental floss and much more which can aid in your eco journey. Being eco friendly can have a range of benefits for your health and budget:

  • Increased hydration by carrying your insulated water bottle,
  • Bringing your own lunch box can be healthier reduced exposure to plastics and unhealthy take away foods
  • You can save money as many cafes offer discounted coffees when you bring your own reusable coffee cup,
  • Preparing your lunch in advance will mean less splurging on pricey takeaway lunches,
  • Bringing your water bottle will make you less likely to impulse buy soft drinks and bottled water

Becoming more eco-friendly is not always easy. Many of the single-use plastic items we use are a result of our busy lifestyles making convenience a priority. For me it's about trying to change a few simple habits which can make a huge difference. A few tips for reducing your plastic consumption:

  1. Start small - don't try and go plastic free overnight. Start with small things like remembering your reusable coffee cup or water bottle when you leave the house.
  2. Be realistic - you don't need to be perfect. You won't remember your reusable coffee mug or insulated water bottle all the time but every time you do, remember it will have a positive impact.
  3. Celebrate small wins - setting small goals and acknowledging your progress can keep things fun and positive. Reward yourself for positive changes and progress. 
  4. Replace things as they run out - when looking for ways to reduce plastic. When you run out of something like cling wrap look for what eco-friendly alternative you could buy instead of more plastic wrap such as beeswax wraps or silicone food covers. 
  5. Turn the tap off - when washing your hands or cleaning your teeth turn the tap off so you only use what you need.
  6. Eco friendly kitchen - kitchens are usually big sources of plastic and food waste, look for ways you can reduce you plastic use such as taking your own produce bags to the market, using a water bottle, replacing cling wrap for reusable silicone lids or beeswax wraps

Being more eco-conscious often means you have to make better choices and prioritise what's important to you. Be kind to yourself and stay positive on your eco journey. We're here to help! 

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