What is the single most valuable item to bring when camping?

What is the single most valuable item to bring when camping?

Water Bottle

Stargazing, campfires, setting up tents after trekking- it’s quite something to be out in the wilderness and soak ourselves in the moment. If you’re out on an episode of Man Vs Wild, there’s one advice that BeEco and Bear Grylls have in common- “Do not ditch the water bottle out of your backpack, folks!” With so much weight of the world on your shoulders, it’s tempting to not carry one in your backpack. But there’s a list of things that are essential to carry if you want to make the best out of camping and a water bottle lies on the top of that list. No one wants to be dehydrated and get irritated by that headache or that muscle cramp while everyone else is in awe of nature. One might think of buying plastic water bottles on the way but a smarter and eco-friendly thing to do is to invest in a water bottle. 

Who wouldn’t want an adventure where you can just explore without having to worry about packing? Because let’s face it, packing is more tiring than the actual trip where you keep doubting yourself whether you have packed all the essentials. Often, we think twice whether to take water bottles with us or not while going hiking or backpacking because suddenly we start paying attention to the weight of little things. We choose to increase the weight of plastic water bottles on the planet instead and buy bottles on the go. 

Our water bottles have all the qualities of the best water bottles ideal for hiking and backpacking. They fit in easily at the side pocket of your backpack and are spill proof, so you don’t have to worry about leakages. The water bottles in the Active Range are suitable for all your sporting activities. The opening of the bottle is wide enough for easy refill and a satisfying gulp. Moreover, you can choose an insulated or single walled bottle based on the temperature of water you’d like to sip in.

BeEco offers water bottles in different ranges, keeping in mind your camping needs. They’re lightweight, have a wide opening for easy refill, have a capacity enough to quench your thirst, are spill proof and are offered as insulated and single walled as well.

Happy Camping!

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