The best cloth paper towel replacement for paper towels

Our organic unpaper towels have been designed to help you fight the war on waste. These zero waste kitchen towels are an ideal way to reduce your family’s contribution to landfill. Safer for you and the planet our organic cotton cleaning cloths are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton flannelette. Soft and absorbent these kitchen cloths are versatile and designed to be washed and reused over and over.

Here are some ways we love to use them:

  • Cleaning kitchen surfaces
  • Cleaning bathroom surfaces
  • Cleaning spills
  • Cloth napkins
  • Jewelry cleaning cloth
  • Face cloth
  • Makeup removing cloth
  • Device cleaning cloth
  • Glass cleaning cloth
  • Appliance cleaning cloth
  • Reusable baby cloth
  • Baby face cloth

 Why you need to make the switch to cloth paper towels:

  • Organic cotton flannelette kitchen cloths are a reusable alternative to paper towels
  • Easy to wash, dry and reuse again and again
  • Soft and super absorbent cotton to easily clean spills and mess
  • Versatile and safe to use as a napkin, cloth or face cloth as well as for all your cleaning needs
  • Paper towels may contribute to deforestation when not sustainably sourced.
  • The CO2 emissions from the production and decomposition of paper towels contribute the greenhouse gases leading to global warming, and an ever-increasing waste problem
  • Our zero waste kitchen towels are biodegradable and will break down at the end of their life
  • Our towels are 2 ply for durability and a generous size at 25 x 25 cm bigger than a conventional paper towel
  • Rinse and reuse over and over
  • Plastic free plant based towels are made from eco friendly GOTS certified organic cotton
  • Come in a 10 pack of cloth paper towels with overlocked edges for durability

Whether you are cleaning up the family mess after dinner time or simply drying something on the sideboard we have you covered! The paper towel alternative is here to make your life easier.

TOP TIP: you can use an old cardboard paper towel roll to roll your unpaper towels round and slide onto your existing towel holder. Alternatively, purchase a kitchen towel holder or just store them with your tea towels and grab as needed.

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