How to grow seedlings in egg shells

Did you know you can use your left over egg shells to plant seedlings?
Channel your inner green thumb and give this a try this weekend!
  • Rinse your empty egg shells and place them in your old egg carton
  • Using a spoon, fill your shells with moistened seedling mix and place a couple of seeds in each shell (follow the seed packed instructions)
  • Leave the egg carton in a sunny window, ideally facing south and in the warmest room in your house
  • Keep your seedling mix moist use a spray bottle to mist every few days, be careful not to over water as the shells don't allow drainage
  • Once all your seedlings sprout, trim any smaller seedlings to allow room for the large ones to grow
  • When your seedling has a 2nd set of leaves it's usually large enough to transplant to a larger pot or into the garden
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