Reasons to buy mini stainless-steel tumblers

Reasons to buy a mini stainless steel tumbler.

Planning to go on a holiday or a camping holiday? Thinking how you are going to enjoy your icy cold drinks when camping in the bush or by the beach on your Christmas holidays? Trying to find a way to keep your tea or coffee warm in winter? the answer is by using mini stainless-steel tumblers because it comes with vacuum insulation that keeps the beverage hot or cold for hours with shatterproof design makes it perfect for outdoors.

Our mini tumbler range is made from food grade stainless, these are double walled tumblers to prevent the it from getting condensation on the outside layer and are BPA Free. Now, you don’t have to worry about shattering your favourite glass because insulated mini Tumblers are shatterproof, and you can use them anywhere.

Mini stainless steel tumblers offer following features.


Perfect for outdoor adventures and travel our mini insulated tumblers will keep your water, wine, cocktail and icy-cold for hours. Use it as an insulated wine cup or tea cup, vacuum insulation maintains wine temperature and when used to drink tea or coffee it will keep the content warm for a long period.


The mini travel mug is made from 304 18/8 food grade stainless steel, coated with a special treatment that minimises fading and chipping. Stainless steel mug is easy to carry and can fit in smaller handbags without any breakage.


Regular cleaning liquid combined with water is a good everyday option for cleaning stainless steel mini tumblers. Reusable mini tumblers are easy to clean and dry and you don’t have to worry about damaging the class while washing because their shatterproof design

Will the Insulated mini tumblers affect the taste of wine?

Stainless steel mini tumbler are made from food grade stainless steel does not affect the taste of the wine. The material will have an effect as well as Steel will feel “cold” on your lips, you will notice the different weight in your hand and against your face. The important thing while drinking wine is the container in which it is served, and this Stainless-Steel travel wine tumbler is the perfect choice because it’s made in the way which holds the aroma for longer duration, and it gives you the best experience.

Will the Insulated mini tumblers affect the taste of tea or coffee?

Insulated mini tumbler is designed to keep your tea warm for longer period and doesn’t affect the taste of your tea due to the material its made from. We use 304 18/8 food grade stainless steel in our mini tea tumblers.

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