How to clean Cheeki's kids water bottle lids

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Cheeki recently introduced a fun range of kids waters including stickers and an adjustable water flow mouthpiece. These kids bottles are BPA free, insulated, lightweight and durable. In 2019 these bottles came with a pop out straw mechanism, their newer bottles released in 2020 no longer have a straw. 

Some of our customers have asked us how to clean Cheeki's flip up lids. We did some research and found the best way to clean the flip up lid is with a straw cleaning brush.

All you will need is some warm water and a straw cleaning brush, if you don't have any it is worth getting one, they are affordable, long lasting, and versatile. Reusable straw cleaning brushes are not only good for cleaning straws and bottle lids but they are also good for cleaning coffee mug lids and getting into hard to reach areas that regular dish brushes can't reach. You can order them using the link below.

  • Step 1 : Unscrew the kids bottle lid and submerge them in warm or hot water, this will loosen up the residue built up in the lid. Leave the lid to soak for 3-5 minutes. You can also add some dish soap if desired. 
  • Step 2 : Take the bottle out of the warm water and adjust it to the full flow setting.
  • Step 3 : Insert the straw cleaning brush into the black silicone mouth piece, moving it back and forth a few times to clean away any residue.
  • Step 4 : Run the tap through the opening in the mouth piece and leave to try completely. 

We recommend you rinse your kids drink bottles regularly with hot or warm water to avoid a built up of residue inside the bottle lid.

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