Can I replace shampoo bars with homemade natural body soaps?

Our older generation was aware of the power of natural resources. We have hardly seen them having conversations over unpronounceable ingredients or any specific packaging of soaps, shampoos, or other beauty products. For them, it was all about churning out the best homemade recipes with available resources that are simple yet effective. When making handmade soap bars from natural ingredients at home, some of us think if the ingredients are all natural than why can’t I replace my shampoo bar with the handmade homemade body soap?

Well because ingredients used in making shampoo bars are slightly different from natural body soaps. Most of the time, the confusion arises between the benefits and usages of both these natural products. Even though they look the same, their properties are way different than each other.

Natural body Soaps have more amount of oils than the Shampoo Bars. Oils of Olive, Coconut, Castor &  Elaeis guineensis are present in all the soaps. Whereas, few of these oils are not included in the formulation of solid Shampoo Bars. Instead, butters of cocoa & shea are added.

Shampoo Bars have less extra oil hence it may not be as moisturising as the soaps. 

Soaps cannot be used on your hair as they tend to strip off the natural oils. While Shampoo Bars are specifically designed for your hair and scalp care.

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