Best Shaving Soaps Bars for Men & Women | Reviewed

Sometimes, doing things the old way is the best. This is undoubtedly true for shaving routines. Many Australians are switching to safety razors to adopt a more eco-friendly shaving routine and minimise waste. Safety razors are way more sustainable than single-use disposable plastic razors that contribute to plastic pollution.

Safety Razor

If you are in the market for a safety razor, click the link below to read our review on the best sustainable safety razors available in Australia.

Best Safety Razors Reviewed.

If you want to further minimise waste caused by your shaving routine, we recommend using shaving soap bars. Not only do these shaving bars work as good as any other shaving gels, but they also come in plastic-free packaging.

What is shaving soap?

Shaving soap is a grooming essential that is currently trending among eco & green living enthusiasts. Shaving soaps works just like a shaving gel. It softens the hair to make it easier to shave. Additionally, it also moisturises our skin so, and it doesn't look scaly after the shave. For best results, wet the shaving soap bar with some hot water, rub it onto the shaving area in a circular motion until it forms a lather. Now gently shave using your safety razor.

Benefits of using a natural shaving soap bar.

Why should you use a shaving soap bar? There are many reasons why you should switch to eco-friendly shaving soap bars for wet-shaving. Here are some of them-

  • Plastic Free Skincare: Traditional gels and foams used for shaving are packed in plastic containers that end up in landfills after use. A shaving soap bar provides a great alternative to bottled shaving creams. Shaving soap bars come in minimal and compostable packaging that can be easily recycled at your local recycling facility.
  • Toxin Free: The chemicals in conventional shaving gels dry the skin after rinsing the shaved area. On the other hand, the oils in natural shaving soap bars soothe the skin.
  • Economical: As shave-soaps are concentrated, They can last for up to 6 months. They are much more cost-effective than shaving tubes that only last weeks.
  • Work as an aftershave balm: The plant-based oils of the shaving soaps nourish the skin while you shave. They can eliminate the need for a shaving balm. 

Can you use soap as a shaving cream?

A shaving soap can easily substitute a shaving cream. It provides ample moisturisation and protects your skin from razor burns. On the other hand, a regular soap should never be used as a replacement for shaving cream. A bar of regular soap will dry your skin during your shave, which may cause after shave burns.

How is shaving soap different from regular soap?

Solid shaving bars and regular soaps are not the same, they may look similar, but the composition of shaving soap differs from a bar of natural soap. Many people lather up bathing soaps to shave, which causes after shave burns and dry, scaly skin. 

  • It is essential to know that bath soaps are made to cleanse your skin. The lather formed by a bar of soap will clean your skin but have a bare minimum effect in softening your hair. 
  • Whereas a pre-shave soap is designed to soften the hair and moisture your skin. It ensures that your skin does not lose moisture once you have rinsed off the soap. This allows a closer and smooth shave.

How to prepare your skin for shaving?

Here is how you can prepare your skin before shaving.  

  • Hydrate Your Skin

    Well-hydrated skin is less prone to any cuts and post-shave irritation. Take a warm shower or soak in a hot bathtub before shaving. This will ensure that your hair softens and is easy to shave. 

    • Exfoliate

      Exfoliating the skin opens blocked pores and removes dead skin cells. It will also help you get rid of any ingrown hair allowing you a closer shave as the razor will glide smoothly over your skin now. 

      However, avoid scrubbing your skin after shaving. This can lead to irritated skin and redness. 

      • Moisturise

        Generously apply your all-natural shaving bar on the shaving area. The natural oils of the bar provide lubrication that reduces the friction between your skin and the razor. It also locks in moisture, giving you extra protection against nicks and burns. 

        How to use shaving soap and brush?

        Follow these steps to get the best out of wet shaving using a brush-

        Soak your brush

        • Get a warm bowl of water ready and soak your shaving brush in it. 
        • Let it sit for a few minutes. 
        • This will allow the bristle of the brush to soften. 
        • Furthermore, the brush will absorb water and provide an additional layer of hydration.

        Bloom your soap

        • There are two types of pre-shaving soaps you can use. One is called a hard shaving block, whereas the other is called a soft shaving block. 
        • The former is a hard soap bar that needs to be softened. This process is known as blooming the soap. 
        • Simply pour some warm water on the shaving soap. This will help you to make a rich lather that will protect your skin. 
        • The process of blooming is not required in soft shaving blocks. Their consistency is almost like a thick foam that is ready to be used. 

        Shake off excessive water

        • Shake off excess water from the brush and the soap. 
        • Be sure to not water down your shaving soap while you bloom it. 

        Apply and shave

        • Give your brush a swirl across the soap.
        • You can also directly apply the shaving soap to the shaving area and create a lather. Or you can use a shaving bowl for the same.
        • Shave!

        Wet shave using a brush has been associated with men, primarily. But more and more women are also switching to this method due to its efficacy. At BeEco, You can find different kinds of brushes and shaving soaps suitable for different skin types. 

        List of Best Shaving Soaps in Australia

        Commercial shaving creams and tin foams are known to wash away the skin's natural oils. These are particularly harsh to those with dry and sensitive skin. Lately, environmentally friendly shaving regimes are growing in popularity. 

        Recently launched Vegan shaving soaps are a great addition to waste-free bathrooms. They are made from nourishing plant oils like coconut, rosemary etc. Available in many eco-friendly shops all across Australia. 

        We have compiled a list of some of the best shaving soaps in Australia; feel free to reach out if you think we have missed any shaving soap brands.

        ANSC Solid Shaving Soap ($12.95)

        Australian Natural Soap Company's solid shaving bar is made with a blend of essential oils that leave your skin feeling refreshed. The soap is hypoallergenic as it is free of chemicals like sulphate and parabens. Combine your eco-friendly soap with water and directly apply it before shaving. The bar produces a stable and creamy lather. As the soap blooms easily, the need for a shaving bowl is eliminated. To top that off, the bar comes in plastic-free, compostable packaging.

        • Saponified coconut and grapeseed oil cleanse the skin thoroughly for a clean shave.
        • Works well with a safety razor.
        • Leaves your skin with a lovely scent. 
        • Soap can melt at a warm temperature. Needs to be stored in a dry container or on a soap dish away from direct sunlight. 

        Urthly Organic Shaving Soap ($9.95)

        Urthly Organic's shaving soaps are handmade with natural plant-based ingredients. The lemon myrtle used in the bar makes the soap antiseptic and disinfectant. This means that any post-shave skin agitation is significantly reduced. You won't have to apply any ointment in case of any razor cuts. The essential oils will do the job for you. The soap is crafted by taking into consideration the needs of all skin types. It is suitable to be used on all body parts.

        • All products made by Urthly Organic are entirely palm-oil free.
        • Lemon myrtle provides a calming tea smell.
        • Contains macadamia nuts as an ingredient that may cause allergies to some. 

        The Hazel Nut Tree Shaving Soap ($13.20)

        If you are looking for a sustainable alternative to aerosol shaving cream, consider choosing this all-natural shaving soap tin from Hazel Nut Tree. It foams up easily. The organic oils of Hazel Nut Tree Soap ensure a smooth shave. Prepare for shaving with warm water and a brush, soak the brush in warm water, rub it onto the shaving soap bar, and apply it onto the shaving area. The natural fragrance of the essential oils eliminates the need for aftershave oils as well. The aesthetic hues of the soap are provided by clay and plant colours. 

        • Free from artificial perfumes.
        • Chemical-free.
        • Naturally biodegradable and cruelty-free soap.
        • Melts as temperature rises. 
        • Slightly expensive than other options

        A clean shave and a green planet.

        Handcrafted soaps for shaving are kinder to your skin and our mother nature. Unlike commercial products, these have a lower carbon footprint. Regular shaving products have a variety of chemicals such as mineral oils, phthalates etc., that are responsible for creating a lather. On the other hand, your eco-friendly soap can lather up naturally without the need for such toxins. These enjoy a longer shelf life because they are concentrated. This makes them pocket friendly!  

        We hope this blog helped you choose your favourite shaving soap.

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