Sisal Fibre Wooden Dish Brush

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You will love this eco-friendly plant based dish brush made from sustainably sourced beechwood and natural sisal fibre bristles. This multipurpose brush is plastic free and biodegradable making it the perfect addition to your sustainable kitchen. When your brush is worn out you can simply remove the biodegradable head and replace it, you can purchase additional brush heads here. This natural dish brush cuts through tough grease and is safe to use on non-stick frying pans, plates, glasses and kitchenware.

The easy to grip handle delivers precision cleaning without the use of plastic or harsh chemicals. The handle is made from environmentally sustainable beech wood. The bristles are a completely natural sisal vegetable fibre, made from the leaves of the agave cactus. The thick leaves are crushed with rollers to remove the moist fleshy outer husk, leaving long off-white fibres, which are bundled together then hung in the sun to dry. The firm fibre is ideal for brushing vegetables and cleaning dishes. This brush is the perfect addition to your eco-conscious kitchen. 


  • Effectively cleans dishes, glasses, pots and pans
  • Contains no plastic or toxic chemicals
  • Designed to cut though grease without scratching your non-stick pans
  • Biodegradable plant based cleaning brush
  • Sustainable packaging, biodegradable kraft tag
  • Note: This items comes as a 1 complete dish brush, additional brush heads sold separately

Note: Test all surfaces for scratching, although products are marketed as non scratch, some soft plastics have been known to scratch easily.

Customer Reviews

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Fay Pilon

Great, is the bristle head replaceable ?


A great product to swap out for the plastic scrubbing brushes. Works really well and the head is easy to switch out when the time comes. Cleans the dishes very well.

Shirley Yang
Prompt Delivery

A few days ago I bought some BeEco products including Sisal Fibre Wooden Dish Brush. It is a good and nice hand brush which is friendly to the environment. The delivery is quite fast and safe. Many thanks!


A great eco swap! Haven't quite worked out how to change out the head but we'll get there. Washes up well - I recommend.