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Hannahpad is a reusable cloth pad made from certified organic cotton that does not contain chemicals such as bleach, dioxin, fragrances and formaldehyde. It is also washable and reusable – meaning less waste in landfills and waterways, healthier on your body and is a cost-effective solution that saves money in the long run.

This ultra size pad is perfect for medium to heavy flow and can be worn day or night.


  • Fun designs, patterns are supplied at random
  • Ultra pads have 5 internal layers and the extra grip feature
  • No bleach, dioxin, fragrances 
  • Top & internal layers are certified organic cotton which is unbleached, undyed and biodegradable
  • Outer leakproof layer has a thin TPU coating which is soft and breathable
  • Snap fasteners to keep them in place and fold the pad into small squares when not in use
  • These pads are made in Vietnam
  • Absorbency: 55ml

Liner measurements:

  • Length from top to bottom – 36cm
  • Length from wing to wing – 19cm
  • Width across middle excluding the wings –  8.5 - 15.5 cm (wider at the back)

 Please choose carefully as there are no returns on feminine hygiene products.

How to use: 

  • Place pad over the inside of your underwear, pattern facing down - the organic cotton beige side sits against the skin
  • Fold the wings around the outside and snap fasten
  • Change the pad every 3 - 4 hours as you would a disposable pad
  • Works best with thick cotton underwear with a tight waistband in full brief, sports, boyleg or hipster style

Washing instructions: 

  • Rinse with cold water after use
  • Lather with natural soap or detergent
  • Soak in cold water, add in stain remover if required. Leave for 6 hours or overnight, change water daily if longer soaking required
  • Hand or machine was in cold water
  • Dry fully before storing
  • Do not: bleach, dry clean, tumble dry or use fabric softener

Frequently Asked Questions

Why switch to reusable period products?

Did you know that around 45 billion tonnes of single-use period products end up in landfills and waterways around the globe each year? Making the switch to reusable period products such as menstrual cups and washables cloth pads can be daunting, but once you have, you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner. 

Who are Hannahpad? 

Hannah Australia care deeply about the health of our planet and the health of human beings. They are passionate about providing people with sustainable choices in reusable products that will benefit their skin, menstrual health and well-being.

Hannahpad is a reusable cloth pad made from OCS100 certified organic cotton for the top sheet down to the core layers, so nothing but soft pure cotton is touching your body. Making it a superior reusable alternative the best in toxin-free period care.

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