Baby Bottle Teats Natural Rubber - Medium Flow 2 pack

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The perfect addition to your glass baby bottle are these natural rubber anti colic baby bottle teats. Made from 100% natural rubber, these bottle nipples are designed to mimic the baby’s feeding, reducing the incidence of colic. Suitable for milk or water with a hygienic one-piece design and easy to sterilize in boiling water. Natural feel bottle teats for easy bottle feeding, suitable for breast and bottle fed babies. 


  • Medium is usually suited to medium for 3 - 24 months - the flow rate needed will depend on your baby size as all babies grow at different rates
  • Made from 100% natural rubber
  • BPA free, Phathalate and PVC free
  • Soft and flexible
  • Danish design 
  • Unique design anti colic valve prevents sucking in of air
  • Available in 2 nipple sizes which manage the flow of milk

Care instructions: 

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Wash, rinse and sterilise before using for the first time
  • Sterilise by boiling in water for 5 minutes
  • Before each use, test the teat by pulling the sucking end firmly. Discard at the first sign of weakness or damage
  • Store in a clean, dry container away from light

Frequently Asked Questions 

When to change bottle teat flow

Most babies will move from a slow flow to a medium flow at around 3 months of age, however this will very depending on the growth rate of your baby. When you notice that your baby is sucking more vigorously to try and get more milk, it is probably time to move up size. 

How often to change bottle teats

It is important to always supervise your baby when breast and bottle feeding and replace bottle teats regularly. Before each feed check the teats for signs of wear and tear and replace if you see any holes or tears in the teat. Changing teats on baby bottles will vary with each bottle but typically there will be a piece which secures the teat to the botte using a screw mechanism. You will just need to unscrew the old teat and replace your baby bottle teat. 

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