Best Sustainable Corporate Gift Ideas | Our Guide to Thoughtful, Eco-Friendly Gifts.

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A corporate gift acts as a token of appreciation. It is a simple and effective way of acknowledging the hard work of your co-workers. If done right, gift-giving is excellent at creating touchpoints as well. Corporate gifts allow you to connect with your clients and customers as well. Businesses around the world have built meaningful relationships through this culture. 

As eco-consciousness is on the rise, many people have started paying attention to the environmental impact of this custom. It is essential to choose practical gifts and a gift that also gives back to the Earth. We have compiled a list of eco-friendly corporate gifts that will work wonders for your next event. 

Why is corporate gifting meaningful?

  • It helps to create a positive workplace environment.
  • Why is it important to give thoughtful gifts? Studies have shown that giving gifts to your employees increases their productivity. A good gift will make your staff feel valued. 
  • Promotional gifts can help you create a long-lasting connection with your customers. Build brand loyalty with meaningful gifts. 

Why is it important to give eco-friendly corporate gifts?

There are many benefits of giving eco-friendly promotional gifts. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider handing out eco-friendly gifts.

  • Give back to the Earth

Sustainable office gifts are designed to be climate-friendly. Companies can significantly reduce their carbon footprint by choosing plastic-free and zero waste gifts. Environmentally-friendly gifts are often biodegradable and recyclable, they also take less energy to produce.

  • State the values of your business

Green client gifts will help affirm the sustainability motto of your business. This is a great way to show that your business cares about the environment. Such gifts encourage the receiver to live a waste-free life.  

  • Supports other green businesses

There are many things that can make a gift sustainable. One of the criteria is whether it is locally produced. This cuts back the emissions caused by transportation. By choosing presents from a local gift hamper stores, you can help local businesses grow. 

Best Eco Friendly Corporate Gifts

“What are good gifts for your clients and employees?”, “What should I give my staff as a thank you?” If you googled these questions while searching for the perfect gift, you are at the right place. 

Here is a list of sustainable gifts that are perfect for any corporate occasion-

Insulated and non-insulated bottles are a go-to eco-gift for many. These are practical gifts that can be used all around the year. Stainless steel bottles are great reusables that can be used in offices and homes alike. Plastic bottles leach harmful chemicals in the water. The consumption of this water leads to various health problems like headaches, heart diseases and so on. By choosing a reusable water bottle, we can reduce our exposure to such plastic. 

Reusable coffee cups and mugs have been a popular choice as a promotional gift. Just like reusable drinks bottles, these are easy to maintain. Traditional coffee cups are made from a combination of paper and plastic. These are difficult to recycle and end up in landfills. Gifting an insulated keep cup will encourage your employees to ditch disposable cups. You can personalise this further by pairing this with a bag of premium coffee beans etc. 

Straw sets are another reusable gift that can be easily customised. These can be made from silicone, bamboo, glass, or stainless steel. Each type of material is unique in itself and serves as a perfect alternative to plastic straws. Drinking straws are free from BPA and can be cleaned easily. Carved with your company’s logo, these make a great business gift. 

Perfect for anyone who loves to take their drink on the go! Insulated tumblers are excellent at maintaining the temperature of your favourite smoothies and lattes. A customised tumbler can work perfectly as a marketing handout or customer gift. 

Reusable cutlery sets are a must for anyone looking to reduce plastic use in daily life. You can choose between the ones made from bamboo or stainless steel. Often, these come in travel boxes that can be carried everywhere. They don’t take up a lot of space when tossed in your bag. Take your reusables on a beach day or to the office- they are ready to be used. 

Lunchboxes are a great gifting option because of their utility. They can be used to carry your favourite snack everywhere. The different tiers of the bento boxes allow you to separate the food contents. Moreover, these can be useful to absolutely everyone- be it kids or adults. Bento Boxes are made from premium quality stainless steel and can be used over and over for years. This is one of those promotional gifts that would always be in sight of the receiver.

  • Stainless Steel Food Jars

Insulated food jars are a home essential. The insulation is great at keeping your food fresh for hours. They can also be used as food storage containers. You can store dry spices, pulses, smoothies, anything you like. They work great as takeaway containers as well. It is a versatile gift that can be put to many uses.

  • BBQ Sets

Barbeque sets come in handy in small gatherings, outdoor parties, and camping. Many BBQ sets come with different accessories like grill tongs, forks etc. A BBQ set is naturally associated with fun and relaxation. Given as a holiday gift to employees, it would give a message that you recognise their hard work. 

  • Wooden Chopping Boards

Chopping boards make a great holiday gift. They are one of the most used kitchen wares. Their durability makes them a good gift choice. Did you know wooden cutting boards are naturally antibacterial? Plastic cutting boards harbour bacteria if they are left unwashed after use. This is not the case with wood which does not let bacterial multiply. 

  • Wooden Cheese Knife Sets

Cheese knife sets make an elegant gift. These are suitable for your colleagues and clients. The knives have a wooden handle and stainless steel blade. Each knife is warranted to slice different types of cheese. These are useful for anyone that works in the culinary business or loves cheese.

How to personalise corporate gifts with logo?

Personalising corporate gifts is easier than you think. There are many ways you can add your logo to gifts, such as PAD printing, Wrap printing, Laser engraving, Screen printing, Embroidery, Digital printing, Debossing etc. Reusable gift items made from Aluminium, Stainless Steel or any other metal can be personalised using Pad Printing, Wrap Printing and Laser engraving. Gifts such as t-shirts, caps, hats, bags etc., can be personalised using Screen printing, Embroidery and Digital printing. All wood and husk related gifts can be personalised using engraving only.

Mindful Corporate Gifting

A thoughtful corporate gift will leave your mark on the receiver. It is a common myth that eco-gifting is expensive. What is important to remember is the long term effect of such gifts. Eco-friendly gifts are often made from recycled material and are sustainably sourced. This makes them unique and kind to the planet. You can effectively make a green statement with such presents.

We hope our guide to reusable gift items was helpful to you. Happy Gifting!


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