Best Reusable Ziplock Bags in Australia Reviewed

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Reusable seal pouches have become a go-to alternative for many Australian homes. They are perfect for storing leftovers, freezing fruit, storing pantry goods, and keeping produce fresh. Single-use cling wraps and disposable Ziplock bags contribute massively to the plastic crisis. They are difficult to recycle and are full of chemicals that leach into our food. Thankfully, as more eco-conscious consumers swap cling wraps for reusable Ziploc food pouches, we can collectively reduce the plastic impact, one step at a time.

What is a Ziplock bag?

A Ziploc bag is a food preservation bag that can be reused multiple times. Traditionally, they are made from plastic. A silicone Ziploc bag provides an alternative to single-use Ziplock bag. Their airtight design prevents the content from leaking. They are great for storing food and liquids if you are short of space in your kitchen and fridge.

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What is a Silicone Food Storage Bag?

Silicone is an element that comes from a reaction between silicon and methyl chloride. Silicone products are flexible and resist moisture, chemicals, heat, cold and ultraviolet radiation. A silicone food bag enjoys these properties and keeps your food fresh for longer.

Are Silicone products biodegradable?

Silicone food containers are not biodegradable. But they can be recycled easily by specialised recycling companies. Once these products are broken down, they are repurposed into oils for industrial purpose and so on. Recycling and repurposing silicone will ensure that no silicone product ends up in a landfill.

Is silicone safe for food storage?

Silicone is inert which means that it will not leach out toxins like phthalates into your food. Food grade silicone can withstand hot and cold temperature, is easy to clean and will resist any microbial growth.

Can you freeze breastmilk in Ziplock bags?

Reusable freezer bags made of food grade silicone are safe to store breastmilk, just like any other liquid. They are resistant to damage from extreme temperatures. This makes them easy to freeze and defrost milk in. They are non-toxic which means no BPA, latex, lead, or phthalates leaches out in the baby’s food.

Ways to use your eco-friendly ziplock bag

The uses of your plastic-free zip-lock bags are endless because ultimately it comes down to how you want to use them. We have listed some of the ways that will help you go zero-waste with your food storage pouch.

  • Food Storage at home

Storing food is a piece of cake with these toxin-free food pouches. You can preserve your fruits and veggies from wilting or simply store any leftovers from your meal. As silicone bags can withstand temperature easily, you can freeze in smoothie supplies or any other liquid in them without worrying about spills.

  • For takeaways and bulk shopping

These bags can be folded easily due to their flexibility. This means it’s a breeze to carry them to the farmer’s market or grocery store. They can also act as a great takeaway container if you are bringing food home from your favourite restaurant.

  • Steaming veggies etc.

Most re-usable food pouches are microwave safe. In that case, you can easily boil water or steam your vegetables in the pouch itself! Some people also use their silicone bag to microwave popcorn, make an omelette or revive stale breads.  

  • For day-outs

These environmentally friendly bags work great as sandwich pouches. Avoid plastic wraps and pack a zero waste lunch or snacks for your day outs at a beach or the zoo. If you are short on space and cannot bring your keep cup for drinks, try using a zip-locking bag instead! You can also store your compost on the go and then throw it in your compost bin when you get home (like banana peels and cherry pits).

  • Non-food related uses

Even though the primary use of the bags is to keep your food safe, you can use them for storing absolutely anything you like! As the bags are waterproof, you can use them to keep your electronics like smartphones and earbuds safe on a beach day. You can also use them as heating pads. Fill your pouch with rice and just stick it in the microwave.

Best Reusable Silicone Food Pouches Reviewed

For any eco-family, choosing green products that are safe for their family and kind to the planet is the priority. Silicone and other reusable food zip-up pouches are a useful and versatile item. With more people ditching single use disposable bags, you can easily find them in many good online Eco stores in Australia. Each brand reviewed below offers some of the best ranges of premium quality silicone bags. Some of these give back generously to the community by providing share of their sales to many non-profit organisations. Others ensure that no plastic touches the production process.


Australian label Kappi offers a variety of sustainable products with a vision to eliminate single use plastic in all households. Their silicone Ziploc bag is one such product. Made from 100% silicone, these bags are great to store frozen and fresh food. The pouches feature a slider that provides an airtight protection to your food. If you are looking for toxin-free food storage bags to cover meals of all sizes, Kappi is a good destination for the same. Their range of food pouches are available from 500ml to 4000ml. The bags would stand upright when filled due to the pop-up bottom feature. The bags are safe to be tossed inside the dishwasher, microwave, freezer, and oven. However, it is advised to remove the slider that seals the bag in microwave and ovens. This can be a downside when you want to microwave liquids. Some of these food baggies are relatively expensive than other options available.


  • 1% of all the sales of reusable Ziplock bags go to “1% for the Planet”
  • No plastic packaging is used throughout the supply chain


Ever Eco’s journey began with a belief that living a low waste lifestyle shouldn't be difficult or expensive. Their range of transparent silicone pouches are perfect for anyone with #fridgegoals as you can identify the content in them easily. They are especially great to freeze your berries and leftovers as it protects the food from getting icy. The airtight seal allows preserving food for longer, helping you minimise food waste. At Ever Eco, you can find snack pouches in the capacity range of 1 litre to 4 litre. The pouches are easy to clean and can be tossed into the top rack of your dishwasher.


  • Orders are shipped in FSC certified cardboard boxes
  • Made from premium food grade silicone and free of toxins


The environmentally-friendly baggies by Seed & Sprout are widely popular due to the durability provided by premium grade silicone. Designed to replace single-use plastic sandwich and freezer bags these bags can withstand heat between 50-degree C  to 250-degree C. The bags sit upright and make enough room for other containers to go into your refrigerator. The holding capacity of the bags begin from 500ml for mini food pouches to 4000ml for the giant ones. Even though the pouch is made of silicone, the slider that seals the bag is plastic. This might be the only minus point for some of the consumers.


  • Launched “Silicone Take-Back Programme” in partnership with TerraCycle, for when you cannot reuse your silicone products anymore
  • Seed&Sprout is a part of various local and global bodies that work for environmental causes such as Orangutan Alliance, Indigenous Literacy Foundation etc.


These clear sealable bags by Qinline are waterproof and leak-proof, so you do not have to worry about anything spilling out. The double closure and an anti-slip design make it easier for kids to open or close the bags. And their durable, air-tight seal means your lunch will stay fresh for hours. Made of food-grade PEVA material, Qinline spill-proof storage bags are BPA -Free. The bags are recommended to be cleaned by hands and not suitable for dishwasher, microwave, or oven.


  • Bright colour seals are especially made for kids, showing where the closure is.
  • This 10-lunch pouch pack comes with two gallon bags, four sandwich bags and five snack bags.


At Activated Eco, you can choose snack pouches in sets. They come in twin sets of 2 same sizes, and also a quad set bundle. The twin sets have capacity ranging from 500ml to 1500ml.On the other hand, the capacity for quad-set ranges up to 4000ml. The washable pouches can be easily cleaned with hot-soapy water itself. Each pouch is robust  to stand alone making them very convenient to store. You can even store liquids including stock and sauces. However, the giant quad-set bags are expensive when compared with those from other brands.


  • Stretchy material allows for more space
  • Zero plastic packaging and utilize recyclable cardboard boxes

Minimising food waste with reusable options

It is essential to choose food saviour bags and freezer pouches that do not leach harmful chemicals into our food. It is equally important to choose sustainable products that will not end up in landfills after use. Silicone is an eco-friendly swap for plastic in many products. Silicone-made snack bags and lunch pouches have become a necessity in many Australian homes. These bags are made to last, and the best thing is you can use them over & over again. We hope this blog helped you find the best snack baggie for you. Happy Snacking!


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